Fliers Take Off…

A script I wrote called Spinning Out, was listed today (May 2) on a web site frequented by producers looking for scripts. The producers first see the title and genre, then the logline, then the synopsis, and finally—if they are still interested—the script.

Spinning Out was adapted from my novella by the same name, which appeared as the lead story in a book of short stories  that Trish and I wrote called Outliers. Trish wrote most of  of the short stories.

Spinning Out  took some new twists and turns as I adapted it into a script. The story involves a secret government team, who have the ability to travel out of body and work as spies. Pretty handy deal for investigators. No warrant needed. No concern about civil rights. Handy, but of course abuses of such power no doubt would be inevitable. Rather than getting court orders and proving there is a legitimate reason for the intrusion, just send out the Fliers to gather evidence. That’s the name of the group, which spun into a  synchronicity today.

The Fliers are not only capable of traveling out of body in groups of two or more, but they’ve discovered that they can manipulate matter from the out-of-body state. For example, they could turn up at a  bar and randomly knock over beer bottles—which happens in the story. But they also have the capacity to kill through strangulation. That skill puts them in a powerful position, but also bodes their eventual downfall.

As for the synchro, an hour or two after I received notice that my script was accepted by Ink Tip and would go up on the site later today, a fellow Words with Friends player,  named Angel, started a game with me. She put up the first word, as seen above: FLIER.

Nice one, Angel! Meanwhile, as I was writing this post, another e-mail appeared from Ink Tip. They had just activated my script on the site at 1 p.m.. Yay! Now we’ll see what happens.


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  1. Jo A Walstedt says:

    Well this is VERY exciting. Fingers, toes and eyes crossed that this works out!!!

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