The Melchizedek synchro machine – and happy mother’s day!



When my FB friend, Bill Homann, put up the above photo recently on his FB page, I was reminded of an incredible series of synchronicities related to the name Melchizedek. Now, thanks to Bill, I have a photo of the man who ten years ago inadvertently set off this mysterious compound synchronicity. Here’s the post from May 19, 2009. It was entitled: Order of Melchizedek.

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If you’re not yet convinced that synchronicity is more than mere coincidence, this one might push you to rethink your reservations. The starting point is a comment from our entry on May 19- World on Fire from Gypsy Woman in which she referenced author Drunvalo Melchizedek. When I saw that last name, I was immediately reminded of a bizarre compound synchronicity experienced by two authors, Jacque Vallee and Colin Wilson. I wrote about the story in my book, PSYCHIC POWER: Discover and Develop Your Sixth Sense at any Age.

UFO researcher Vallee was interested in a Los Angeles cult known as the Order of Melchizedek, related to an obscure biblical prophet, Melchizedek. He searched for information about the prophet, but didn’t have much luck. (That was before Google. Now his name immediately elicits a site:

In the midst of his research, he took a taxi to the Los Angeles airport and asked the taxi driver for a receipt. To his surprise, the receipt was signed M. Melchizedek. He assumed the name must be more common than he thought, but when he checked the Los Angles telephone directory, the only one listed was his taxi driver.

Vallee offered a quirky explanation of how synchronicity works. He said it could be called “the angelic answer.” He suggested that it was as if he’d placed a message that read “Wanted: Melchizedeks: on a universal notice board. As a result, an earnest angel had asked, “How about this?” and handed Vallee the taxi driver.

To clarify his point, Vallee noted two ways a librarian could file information. One is alphabetical. But an easier way of filing would allow the librarian to place each new book on the closest shelf. Each book would have a beeper attached to its spine and could be located with a transmitter. Vallee proposed that the universe works on a similar system, and that explains synchronicity. In more modern terms, that would be like saying that the universe acted like a Google search, but with no computers involved.

The story doesn’t end there. When the prolific writer Colin Wilson wrote about Vallee’s theory for an article on synchronicity, he experienced a related synchronicity himself. After completing work on the passage about Vallee, Wilson took a break from writing to walk his dog. As he left his office, he noticed that a book had fallen from a shelf. He picked it up and looked at the title, You Are Sentenced to Life, by Dr. W.D. Chesney. He’d bought it years ago, but had never read it. He paged through it and near the end found a page headed “Order of Melchizedek.” It was a letter to the author by the founder of the order. Wilson noted that, of the more than 30,000 books in his house, it was that book which fell just after he had written about Melchizedek.

So both authors attracted their own Melchizedeks. Thank you, Gypsy Woman, for reminding me of the story!

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    This post reminds me that magic is alive and well.

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