New Moon in Taurus


At 6:46 PM EDT on May 4, there’s a new moon in Taurus. It’s a beauty. New moons are always about new opportunities, new people, new chapters in our lives. So let’s see how it unfolds for each sign. Keep in mind that Uranus, Mercury and Venus are also in Taurus for part of May ( well, Uranus is there until 2026!)

May’s forecast is now posted in the masthead.

Aries: This new moon in Taurus, occurs in your financial area. This one should bring new income opportunities. You might sell a creative endeavor, land a great freelance gig, find a part- time job or even a new job that pays more. Neptune forms a beneficial angle to this new moon, suggesting that the opportunities that surface may involve your ideals, spirituality or creativity.

Taurus: A new moon in your sun sign comes along just once a year and sets the tone for the next twelve months. Take a few minutes at the beginning of the month to think about what you would like to experience and achieve in the next year, make a list and post the list where you’ll see it often. With this new moon comes opportunities that are personally satisfying. Neptune is friendly to this moon, indicating that the opportunities may involve the arts, a creative endeavor of some kind or your spiritual beliefs.

Gemini: This new moon occurs in your 12th house. So it brings new opportunities to delve within yourself and to see your motives and psyche in a different way. It may occur through a creative endeavor, therapy or a past life regression, particularly vivid and insightful dreams.

Cancer: This new moon occurs in your 11th house – friends, networking, wishes and dreams. New opportunities arrive in any of all of those areas. Taurus is grounded, patient, practical and usually finishes what he or she has started. These characteristics are inherent in this new moon and in Mercury’s transit through the sign, which begins on May 6 and ends on May 21. There’s a mystical side to Taurus that may surface during this transit and an awareness of other realms and dimensions that you may explore with friends.

Leo: With a new moon in Taurus in your career area, no telling what kinds of opportunities may surface on or around May 4. Where have you been placing your intentions? How big are your desires? Have you been meditating and visualizing about what you desire? Some possibilities: a promotion/raise, a new job within your career field, a new career, a new boss or a new office.

Virgo: This new moon happens in your 9th house. Even though Uranus doesn’t conjunct this moon, they are sharing the same space and sign, an indication that new opportunities surface unexpectedly. All you have to do is recognize them and seize them. They may involve a new financial opportunity or something connected to publishing, higher education or international travel.

Libra: This new moon should trigger new financial opportunities for you. It may come through a client with whom you have worked in the past. Your partner may get a raise or promotion, or you land a bonus for work you’ve done. You’ll have a clearer picture about this once Mercury, and then Venus, enter Taurus on May 6 and May 15 respectively. Also on the 15th, Mars enters Cancer and your career area.

Scorpio: Opportunities surface in both business and personal partnerships, but also in finances. Thanks to a friendly beam from Neptune in Pisces, the opportunities involve the arts or your spirituality and are emotionally satisfying.

Sagittarius: The new moon could bring a new job, new employees, a new source of income, a new health routine or even a new nutritional program. Even though Uranus isn’t conjunct this new moon, it’s in the same sign and bolsters the Taurean energy. Neptune is friendly to this moon, an indication that any opportunities could involve creativity, the arts and your spirituality.

Capricorn: The new moon in Taurus on May 4 could bring a new romantic interest whose spiritual ideals and beliefs are similar to your own. It’s also possible that you’re commissioned for a creative endeavor or that one of your projects sells. If you’re self-employed, you may sign up a new client or land a gig that that thrills you.

Aquarius: The new moon in Taurus on May 4 should bring new opportunities to your home and family life. You might put your home on the market, sell your home or launch a home-based business. Or, also possible, someone moves in or out. Neptune in Pisces is friendly to this new moon, indicating that opportunities may have artistic or spiritual aspects to them.

Pisces: The new moon in earth sign Taurus may bring an uptick in your finances. A communication opportunity of some kind may surface, too. It could be a freelance job that involves writing or teaching, perhaps as part of a team, or maybe you finally get going on that book you want to write. Neptune is friendly to this new moon, so whatever unfolds could have a spiritual or artistic component to it.

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    This is great, Trish! I made some notes and have some good ideas, thanks to your insights!

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