Synchros with people and numbers

Several days ago, I received an email from Igor, a Russian, and his synchronicities were written with the help of Google translate. I’ve smoothed over the translations when possible. The first synchro involves something that seems fairly common when traveling. The second one involves numbers in a way I’ve never seen before – with backgammon.
My language is Russian, so I write with the help of the translator Google. The last few years, I notice that when I go on a journey – for a walk, to the store, on various matters, I see a person and very often I meet him on the way back. The time involved in these walks and encounters doesn’t seem to matter. For example, I might return in 30 minutes, an hour or a few hours. It happens sometimes in small villages, sometimes in big cities. When I first noticed this a few years ago, I felt uncomfortable – I was frightened by what seemed like predetermination. But over time, I began to take it more calmly.

Once I was walking with my mother and she witnessed such a meeting. We walked along the seashore, where there are many restaurants, places for entertainment, a lot of people were around. We saw a girl with the tattoo of a seagull on her leg. When we left the beach 2-3 hours later, we saw her again. She was also leaving the beach. We stopped on purpose to see her tattoo. so that mom would believe in my coincidences.

Here’s another one, involving numbers. was another case. I played a friend in backgammon. To see who would go first, we threw the game cubes. He threw first, dropped a 6, then I drew and also got a 6. On his next roll, he dropped 5, and my roll was 5. Also in decreasing order: he
had a roll 4, I had 4, he had a 3 and I had a 3. Then I threw a 2 and he threw a 3.

So it was 6, 6; 5, 5: 4, 4; 3, 3; and 3,2. I felt the excitement and rivalry, but I wasn’t at all surprised by this. Surprise – or rather the unusual nature of all this – came later.

I recently read Stan Grof, found out about Jung’s synchronicity, and now I’m starting to read your works. It is good that I am not the only witness of this unusual phenomenon.”

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6 Responses to Synchros with people and numbers

  1. blah says:

    curious Mr. Mrs. Mac G…. odds lottery… 1-~~54… 6 picks.. every one divisible by 3…can you guys PLEASE verify my own (please participate) limited math skills…happened on a pretty darn particular day…personally and universally…

    • Trish and Rob says:

      Can you explain the particulars?

      • blah says:

        all numbers where divisible by 3,,,, specific date,,, what are the ODDS…. if the math be tough figure you (or Megan) guys must know someone who can assist…. me,,, the synchronicities have me mentally STREESSED…. get me the odds calculation I’ll email the date…

  2. Kurt Preston says:

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    I want you to imagine a world where people sit behind computers with security clearances and listen to your most personal thoughts, spy on your most private moments, and actually control your mind and body.

    This is not science fiction.

    This is reality.

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