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We finally had the opportunity to talk with Dylan Stewart, an Australian with a terrific podcast called Paranormal Thoughts.  You can listen here.

We tried once before, during the last Mercury retrograde, to do the show, but Dylan had a glitch in his equipment. Mercury retrograde! An interesting synchronicity led to this contact with him, through a blogging friend, Darren, another Australian, who blogs about synchronicity. This time, after Mercury had gone direct, the interview went great and Dylan’s new equipment worked perfectly!

Here’s the Mercury retro story.

Mercury retrograde began on March 5, in Pisces, and ends on March 28. I keep tabs on the big Merc retro snafus – like an appliance breaking down, a contract getting lost in the mail, something unexpected with one of our cars. Today is March 10, our first Mercury retro thing.

At 6:30 this evening, we were supposed to be on Dylan Stewart’s Paranormal Thoughts podcast. Dylan is in Brisbane, Australia, we were going to use Skype, and wondered if the mike Rob has for his iPad Pro would work okay. We’ve had trouble with Skype in the past.
We learned about Dylan’s podcast through our blogging friend, Darren, who also lives in Brisbane, and he sent a link to one of Dylan’s podcasts on synchronicity. I was impressed and and emailed him. He emailed back:

First off I just want to say I am a big fan of your work! Your husband’s and your research has captivated me for years. The fact you have come across my podcast and reached out has blown me away! Brisbane is a small place I probably know your friend!

He invited us to his podcast, we found a good date, now here we were, waiting for him to connect with us on Skype. He did and said he was having trouble with his recording equipment. He kept apologizing and I felt bad about it and finally said, Hey’s it’s Mercury retrograde. I forget it’s a term which may not mean anything to other people. We chatted while he fiddled with his equipment and we finally decided to try again on a different date.

Afterward, I dropped by a couple of blogs I visit that included Djan Stewart’s . A few days earlier, she had written a post about “Mercury retrograde” and astrology. The comments ranged from: “astrology isn’t a science,” to “never heard of it.” Her post on March 10 is about Mercury retrograde and how the TV she and her husband owned blew out and they had to buy a new one.

And only as I’m writing this did I realize DJan and Dylan have the same last name. Stewart.

It’s one of those weird name synchros that sometimes feel like the trickster is having a good belly laugh. Ha, ha, Trish. Gotcha on that one.

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One Response to Paranormal Thoughts

  1. Darren B says:

    I wrote a post titled ‘Did Someone Say Owls and Synchronicity?’ and posted it just before I went to bed last night which was about listening to a few podcasts I subscribe to on my iPad that dropped on Monday, including the one you guys were on with Dylan –

    In that post I also mention the latest weekend edition colour lift-out from a local Brisbane newspaper that also featured some owls in it synchronistically enough.