The Little Synchros That Aren’t So Little

Florida Scrub Jay

Synchronicity often surfaces in small ways that might elude us if we aren’t vigilant. After our daughter, Megan, lost her cat, she went to found an animal communicator, Heather Bristol, and got a reading. We wrote about it here.

Megan was so impressed with her reading that she signed up for four classes with Heather on intuitive development. During these sessions, Heather mentioned several things that are intriguing.

She saw Megan getting a new cat and doing some type of mural work in her art life. Megan had no intentions of getting another cat and wasn’t painting any mural. She’s a dog walker and sitter and not all dogs get along with cats and vice versa. Her art is commissioned through Etsy or through clients from Orlando’s wine walk or word of mouth.

But one Saturday, her friend Chelsea, who had recently lost her dog, asked Megan to head over to Pet Smart with her so she could look at pups that were up for adoption. Chelsea found a dog and Megan bonded with a two-year-old male cat who had been rescued from a kill shelter. She adopted hi and named  him Indy. He’s not intimidated by dogs.

Then today she calls to say three of her friends had tagged her about an event at Audubon Park in Orlando, where they’re looking to hire an artist to paint a mural of birds in Florida that are vanishing as a result of climate change. She’s submitting  the painting at the top of the page, a Florida Scrub Jay.

Heather is one of those rare psychics, I think, who hits things right out of the park. Like our friends Millie Gemondo of West Virginia and Kathy Adams and Helen Burley in Cassadaga, Florida, Heather is the real deal.

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6 Responses to The Little Synchros That Aren’t So Little

  1. lauren raine says:

    That’s a fabulous painting! I hope she gets the commission!
    I’ve encountered some amazing psychics……….wouldn’t mind finding one right about now. Here’s wishing that all of Megan’s fortunes turn out true.

  2. Vivian Ortiz says:

    Megans painting is awesome. Fingers crossed.

    • Trish and Rob says:

      Thanks, Viv! I think it’s one of the best she has done. But I’m hardly unbiased!

  3. Dale Dassel says:

    A cat named Indy – perfect! Our last dachshunds were named Indy and Obi, and one of our current doxies is named Henry (Indy’s given name). 😀

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