Reading a Dead Horse

In 2009, we did a post about a book called A Mind for Murder: The Real Life Files of a Psychic Investigator, by Noreen Renier. We’d known Noreen for a number of years and had talked to her about her plans for the book, and also the continuing saga of her dealings with hard core skeptics. She actually took one of them to court and won a $25,000 libel case against a member of the Tampa Bay Skeptics, who had publically called her a fraud.

In that post, we quoted Noreen about how she uses her mind when she works as a psychometrist, picking up information from objects she held. Here’s what she wrote:

“As a psychometrist who works with both law enforcement officers and private individuals, it would depend on my clients needs how I use my mind. On homicide cases, the detectives usually send me an object off the victim or something the murderer left behind. They need specific information; what the person looked like that committed the crimes, where he lives, why, etc. I definitely can tune into the individual and become the murder as well as the victim and sometimes its just me watching and sharing with the detectives what I see.”

Recently, I was looking at Noreen’s book again as I was writing a chapter  about psychic detectives for an upcoming book called, VISIONS. I noticed one unusual case, which I didn’t use, but thought I would mention it here. It was Noreen’s reading on a dead horse. A race horse that had been shot twice in the head, and the owner wanted to know who did it.

She did the reading right at the barn where it happened after being called in by the county sheriff. She sat on a bale of hay and held the horse’s tail, all that remained of the horse. Here’s what happened. “Feeling like a witch doctor, I closed my eyes and gingerly put the long, course tail to my forehead. Right away, one face after another swept into my mind, lingering only for a moment. I couldn’t slow the swirl of images….There were too many and they came too fast.”

Frustrated, she expressed her dilemma. The sheriff asked Ted, the owner, if he recognized any of the faces Noreen had described. He responded: “It looks like you’re describing everyone who was close to Dandy Dancer. I recognized a couple of the farmhands, the handlers, and the horse’s trainers.”

Suddenly, Noreen came up with a possible solution. Whoever had shot the horse had loaded the bullets in the gun. She asked the sheriff if the bullets were available. He said they had been removed as evidence and he called a deputy to go to the station and get them. They took a break and Noreen left the barn and sat under a tree meditating. But it wasn’t long before the deputy arrived with the projectiles. She hoped that the energy from the people who had held the bullets since they were removed wouldn’t interfere. However, she knew from previous cases that the energy emanating from killers was powerful, enduring and could overcome the others.

She selected one piece of a fragmented bullet and sat down on a bale of hay and held the projectile in her hand. Feature by feature the face evolved and took form as she described the face to the police artist who was present. “When I opened my eyes she had the face of a small attractive woman in her forties.

“Oh, my God,” Ted blurted. “It’s my ex-wife.” Ted had initiated the divorce and married a younger woman. The enraged ex-wife wanted revenge and chose to hurt him by killing what he treasured most: his prize race horse. The sheriff confronted the woman, they found the gun, and she confessed. Ted was shocked, but he decided not to press charges. He just wanted to end the acrimony between them. Instead of sending her to jail, he paid for her psychiatric treatment.

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  1. TRISH says:

    From Natalie Thomas on facebook. She’s also a psychic:

    Natalie Prior Thomas
    OMG Trish! What an amazing man to not send her to jail.

    • Trish and Rob says:

      It might be that only another psychic who has worked with cops would understand what this is like.

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