Life-Saving Synchronicity


Christine Crawley and her partner, Tony, visited us in January to do some filming for a movie on synchronicity that they’re working on. Not surprisingly, they’ve both experienced synchronicity and Christine was nice enough to send us a couple of hers. Here’s the first:

Throughout my life I have had many seemingly miraculous moments in my life, but by far one of the most life-changing synchronicities ended up saving the life of someone very important to me. I will always be grateful that the right information came to me at exactly the right moment in time.

I was visiting a friend out of state at the time and as we wandered into bookstore, where a particular book stood out for me, called Mind Programing, by Eldon Taylor. The book was about hypnosis and the subconscious mind and I had already read a great deal on the subject, but for some reason I had the feeling I needed to buy this book and I followed this intuition.

I began reading the book on my flight back home the next day and  nearly finished the book. When I got to one particular chapter near the end, I suddenly put the book down and knew that I had gotten all the information I needed from it.Something inside me told me to close the book. In fact, I felt it was important not to read  anymore, so I could just sit with and digest the information I’d read.

In the chapter I had just read, the author recounted a story about how his wife just happened to read on a cereal box one day that the particular sensation of “burning lungs” can be an indication of a heart attack, which is a symptom that the author had been experiencing off and on for a few weeks. This coincidence led the author to go to the doctor within days of find out that information, which ended up saving his life.

Whe  my father picked me up at the airport that same day, he immediately started complaining that his lungs were burning. He said it was probably the pollution in Denver and that he was fine, but asked me to drive. Having just read less than an hour ago that this symptom could mean he was having a heart attack, I argued with my father that we should go to the ER.

He resisted over and over, said that he was ok—he just needed some aspirin and said that we should just drive home to Colorado Springs. However, I drove to the nearest hospital and convinced him to see a doctor. The doctors ran tests and discovered that he was,  in fact, having a heart-attack and he had to undergo open-heart surgery immediately. He would probably not have survived the ride back home to Colorado Springs, because his right artery was 99% blocked. If I had not have followed a simple intuition to pick up that book, I may not have known my father was having a heart attack.

I do believe that the universe is constantly speaking to us, giving us direction and feedback, only if we are willing to listen. I have had more than one seemingly miraculous synchronicity, but this by far has been the most memorable and life-changing one. I may have forgotten that information if I had read it a week ago or a month ago, but I read that book at the exact moment necessary in order to help save my father’s life.

Burning lungs is not a well-known symptom of having a heart attack and I am grateful to have read this information only an hour before seeing my father so that this information was fresh in my mind and used to help him.

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4 Responses to Life-Saving Synchronicity

  1. Gia says:

    What a powerful story!

  2. DJan says:

    That is fascinating. I too know that the universe is helping us all the time, but so often I will discount the feeling I might have to follow an intuition. Your blog has caused me to open my mind and heart to other realities. Thank you for continuing to write these stories and synchronicities.

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