Part 1: Are There Astrological Signatures for Encounters?


I’ve often wondered about the signatures in birth charts that suggest a propensity for experiencing anomalous phenomena. Anomalies include all the things that Charles Fort investigated and wrote about: teleportation, rains of frogs, fish, and inorganic material, spontaneous human combustion, ball lightning, UFOs, poltergeist events, unexplained disappearances. And, according to Wikipedia, “He was also perhaps the first person to explain strange human appearances and disappearances by the hypothesis of alien abduction and was an early proponent of the extraterrestrial hypothesis, specifically suggesting that strange lights or objects sighted in the skies might be alien spacecraft.”

Fort’s books sold well while he was alive and are still in print. You can find them here.
So I began with Fort’s natal chart. He was born on August 6, 1874 in Albany, New York. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find the time he was born, so I used noon. This chart doesn’t provide the correct sign of his moon and ascendant, so the houses where planets fall are also incorrect. But it gives us the signs of the other planets and of the North and South Nodes, and the angles these planets/points make to each other. You can refer to the illustration below the chart to identify the planetary symbols.

I used The Rulership Book by Rex. E. Bills to find the rulers of synchronicity, aliens, abductions, spaceships, and psychic experiences. The book was published in 1971 and probably needs an update! I suspected that most of what Fort wrote about fell under the rulership of Uranus. The symbol is in this illustration.

The rulership book doesn’t have an entry for synchronicity, but there’s one for coincidences, ruled by Uranus. This planet also rules everything psychic as well as spaceships. Aliens are ruled by Uranus, the 9th house, Neptune, and the sign of Sagittarius. It’s not clear, though, what type of aliens Bills was referring to – those who enter a country or the ET variety. Abductions are ruled by Pluto (as in the tale of Persephone, abducted to the underworld.) Jupiter rules foreign countries, people, and travel.

So in Fort’s chart, the first thing that hit me is the cluster at the top of his chart – his sun at 13 degrees Leo conjunct  his Uranus at 11 degrees Leo. In his 6th house, he has the planet Neptune in Taurus at 0 degrees exactly conjunct his North Node in Taurus. The rulership book lists one of the rulers of aliens as Neptune. The North Node is a point in a chart that addresses the direction you should move in this life to evolve at every level.

Is  there are correlation between possible signatures – or combinations with the North Node, Pluto (abductions) and those of people who have experienced alien encounters?

Betty Hill

The chart of Betty Hill, abducted in 1961 with her husband, Barney, is correct in terms of her moon, ascendant, and house placements because I had her birth time. There are 3 notable clusters in her chart: the conjunction of Pluto and her sun at 6 and 5 degrees Cancer, in the 9th house, mentioned in the rulership book; the conjunction of Jupiter and Mercury at 24 and 22 degrees Cancer, in her 10th house; and Venus and Saturn conjunct at 21 and 24 degrees Leo in her 11th house. Her North Node in the 2nd house at 3 degrees Sagittarius forms a beneficial angle – a trine – to her Neptune at 7 degrees Leo in her 10th house. This Neptune/ NN connection is also in Fort’s chart, but in his the two are conjunct. .

The abduction (Pluto) impacted her entire life/personality (sun) and it became her career (in speaking engagements) as books were published (Mercury and Jupiter) about her and Barney’s experience. The Saturn (structure) and Venus (women, $) conjunction in the 11th house may be addressing the long-lasting cultural impact of their experience.

I haven’t included Barney’s chart because I couldn’t find a birth time for him.

Diane Fine

The next chart is of Diane Fine, a lifelong abductee whom we wrote about in Aliens in the Backyard.

Diane’s chart lacks the Uranus connection, but has a North Node connection, like Fort’s chart. Her NN is conjunct Pluto and both form a trine – 120 degree angle – to Saturn at 16 degrees Capricorn and to Jupiter at 8 degrees Capricorn in her 6th house. The trine is usually beneficial, but in Diane’s case, it seems to have exacerbated the health issues she suffered as a result of the abductions. With Saturn’s involvement, the health issues became long-term.

In one abduction experience, several  grays were working on her knees and when she asked them to heal her immune disorder, they said they couldn’t, because the disorder was “karmic.”

Many of her experiences are like the anomalies that Fort wrote about it, but worse.  In one of the strangest experiences, she discovered she was pregnant – even though she’d been told she couldn’t get pregnant. Her OB said the pregnancy was high risk and sent her to a special clinic in Vermont. During the trip, heavy fog forced her and her friend off the road. They turned in to a barn that had been converted into a restaurant. She remembers nothing after sipping at a soda until they arrived at the ferry they would take them across Lake Champlain. They were missing several hours.

When she finally arrived at the clinic and was examined, she was told she wasn’t pregnant. She believes the fetus was taken from her during those missing hours. On the way back, they passed the turnoff for the restaurant – and nothing was there.

In part 2, we’ll take a look at the charts of several other people whose lives have been filled with encounters.

So far, it looks as if  there are several  possible signatures: Pluto conjunct the North Node,  Pluto conjunct the sun, Uranus conjunct the sun, Neptune conjunct or trine to the North Node.




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  1. DJan says:

    Very spooky but interesting encounters. I was especially fascinated by Diane’s experiences. Thank you for sharing this information outside of your book.