Coast to Coast!

On Thurday Feb. 7 and into Friday, Feb. 8,  we’ll be on Coast to Coast to talk with George Noory about synchronicity and precognition. The time 3-5 am ET, and midnight – 2 am PT.  Hope you’ll join us! This will be our sixth appearance on Coast to Coast, including Rob’s appearance with Bruce Gernon to talk about their book about the Bermuda Triangle. The show has as many three million listeners in five countries, and is the largest night-time talk radio show.

From the Coast to Coast website:

Second Half: Experts in mysteries of the unknown including UFOs, and psychic phenomena, Trish and Rob MacGregor address their work on synchronicity and pre-cognition which started after researching alien encounters and abductions and the synchronicities that plague victims post-encounter. They have discovered that hunches and feelings could be signs from the universe about what is to come and will explain how to train your brain to recognize signs in order to enhance your innate precognitive abilities.

There’s an app called Coast to Coast AM Inside that lets you listen whenever you want.

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10 Responses to Coast to Coast!

  1. Darren B says:

    “The time 3-5 am ET, and midnight”?
    ET? 😉
    You really should listen to this guy’s podcasts where he talks about hearing you guys on a podcast talking about synchronicity, which seems pretty much to have inspired him to start off his podcast –
    ‘Synchronicity in Owls and Extraterrestrials Podcast’
    ‘My Owl and UFO Abduction Synchronicity Podcast’