Another WALL

I’m planning an off-road mountain bike ride with a long-time friend who is a Trumpie, and  very much in favor of Trump’s wall. So I e-mailed him and said, “The only WALL  we should talk about is the one by Pink Floyd.”

Out of curiosity, I Googled that Wall, and the above pic popped up. Am I imagining things, or does that screaming loud-mouth look like Trump? That’s a synchro, at least for me.

Also, the song, Another Brick in the Wall,  itself is quite stupid basically telling kids to rebel against their teachers. I guess the assumption by Pink Floyd is that all teachers are authoritarian fascists.

We don’t need no education.                                                                                                             We don’t need no thought-control                                                                                                    No dark sarcasm in the classroom                                                                                       Teacher, leave those kids alone…

The problem with that scenario is that not all teachers, of course, are hard-nosed dictatorial types lecturing kids with false information with the intent of turning them into societal automatons. I think that was what PF was implying in the song.

The irony is that lack of education,  which the song seemingly favors, gets us people like Trump in power, elected because folks were watching boss-man for years on television firing people. He must be a strong leader. 

I remember a clip of Trump at one of his rallies saying: “I love the under-educated.”

That says it all.


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4 Responses to Another WALL

  1. lauren raine says:

    Sadly true. America, once looked up to for our innovation and intelligence, has become the laughing stock of the world, a triumph of ignorance, mediocrity, and sheer stupidity. Ignorance and stupidity are virtually celebrated now, and I can’t believe that the billions of dollars that are supposed to go into a useless wall as a monument to the ego of a would be fascist leader (and probably to pay off his mafia contractor friends as well) will be raised, at the expense of science, health, and education. He is doing a great job of deconstructing, and bankrupting, what is left of this country.

  2. Tom says:

    Love this post!

  3. Jenean Gilstrap says:

    so true! yes, it does say it all – sadly so…

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