Culling Images

I recently discovered a great site called Canva, which enables you to cull images – photos, art, book covers! – for a variety of social media. It provides the template for posts on Facebook, Instagram,  and other social media and it’s free! That’s the poster I put together on our books that deal with synchronicity. Soon, there will be another – Visions: A Thoughtful Guide to Common Paranormal Phenomena.

In this poster, the first one I tried, I combined some of our fiction and non-fiction books. At this point, I hadn’t figured out how to add text to the poster:

Part of what triggered this was a realization that some of the Instagram posts I see are rather elaborate depictions of an individual’s skills and talents. I previously had downloaded several free apps that enabled me to include text about a photo. But I found these apps complicated or too limited. Canva, though, is easy to use, offers many free templates, and you can upload your own photos or designs to create interesting backgrounds as well as content.

As we move more and more into a digital world, we have burgeoning possibilities about how to visually organize and present our own lives, truths, discoveries, and passions. I initially kept my backgrounds simple, as in these two posters, and in the one below, on Indiana Jones:

The challenge though, is that when I make this poster too large, the covers ad texts are blurred. But if you notice, the the central book cover is entitled Indiana Jones and  the Staff of Kings.  Rob was hired to write this novel as a game, the editor dropped the ball, and it was never published. However, a European artist and Indy fan created the cover for Rob and he now refers to it as the lost Indiana Jones novel.

I think my next attempt at Canva will be of foreign places we’ve seen and loved or of, well, pets, which seem to comprise most of the photos on my phone except for those of family. Canva is fun and reminds me of the importance of finding your own truth, whatever it is, and sharing it.







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  1. Tom says:

    Looks like a useful app – I’ll check it out. Thanks!

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