Republicans, trump, the stupid wall

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My dad was born in 1913, in a small town in Illinois. There were 5 kids – the oldest sister, Barbara, then brother Joe, my dad, Bill who was killed in WWII, then baby sister Margaret. The family was poor. At some point, my dad and Joe moved to Oklahoma, both of them got accounting degrees, and were hired by Standard Oil and  sent to Venezuela in 1937.

He was a Republican for most of his life. And yet, in 2000 when the fate of the presidency went to the Supreme Court, there were cracks in his Republican beliefs. He grew to detest Bush and the war in Iraq. He felt the Republican Party was falling apart. He died in 2005. If he were alive today, he wouldn’t recognize what the Republicans have become, the party that:

snatches children from their mothers at the borders
gives massive tax cuts to the the rich
supports dictators & a man like trump
disenfranchises voters
seeks to dismantle health care for women
Keeps the government shut down so that: 800,000 federal workers are furloughed; TSA employees are expected to work without pay so many of them are calling in sick because they’ve taken part-time jobs or have quit; 80 percent of the IRS is furloughed, which means that tax refunds will be delayed; human excrement is piling up in national parks, creating a health hazard…the list goes on.

Google it. All of of this for trump’s $5 billion plus  wall at the southern border, which he promised Mexico would pay for.

Republicans care about one thing: getting re-elected. They’re scared of trump’s fabled base so they bow before him. Mitch McDonnell, the Reptilian from Kentucky, won’t even bring this wall issue to a vote in senate, which is supposed to be a separate entity from the executive branch.

Now trump is threatening to declare a national emergency, as Bush did in the wake of 9-11. If he does this, 136 statutory powers are at his disposal.  I find many of these troubling because they are authoritarian. But don’t take my word for it. Click that link. You decide.

Trump won’t waste your time writing long posts defending himself and ‘correcting’ us with more lies, half-truths and ignorance of the facts. Just as MSNBC no longer broadcasts Sarah Sanders press conferences because they are filled with so many inaccuracies and outright lies, we are no longer posting comments by Trump apologists. We believe he should be removed from office ASAP for the good of the country and the world. Posting  comments here in his defense would be counterproductive, like allowing Trump to edit Mueller’s upcoming report on his actions related to the Russian investigation. In fact, that is precisely what the administration wants to do in order to hide the truth.

In the past, we’ve published defenses of trump. But because these defenses are as specious as the reality/fact manipulations engineered by the administration and their cheering media at Fox News, we’ve changed course. If this is offensive to the apologists, well, go start your own blog on how wonderful a job trump is doing.


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10 Responses to Republicans, trump, the stupid wall

  1. Rob MacGregor says:

    Facts matter: Illegal border crossings way down. No crisis at the border. No need for an expensive useless wall.

  2. Dale Dassel says:

    It’s amazing how many chump supporters defend (and try to rationalize) his blowhard rhetoric on a daily basis while he has driven this country into the ground for the past 3 years. That must be a full-time job for them — and it doesn’t even pay!

  3. Prissy says:

    I have turned a few Trumpers around by getting them to agree to just watch Rachel Maddow for one week and then tell me what they think. Their heads almost explode.

    • Trish and Rob says:

      She’s genuine. She’s smart. She gives you historical context. Facts. I can hear those heads exploding! I may try that tactic!

    • Trish and Rob says:

      A lot of Americans conservatives have been conned by the wall. For two years, the Republican Congress thought that the wall was a stupid idea. Early last year, only 62 of 292 Replicans – less than one out of four – favored the wall when a bill came up to start funding it for $1.6 billion. They voted it down. All the Republicans in the border states were against it. The Senate voted 100% on Dec. 16 to fund the government without a wall and Trump was ready to walk away from it. That was a headline in the NYT, then Anne Coulter and Rush Limbaugh started making fun of Trump backing down from his campaign promise…and Trump became frightened of his base and backed out.

  4. Trish and Rob says:

    It’s very curious how Republicans are only concerned about the national debt when Dems are in power. The debt has risen by $2 trillion since Trump took office, and he promised to “get rid of it” in his campaign. Now he wants to throw away billions more on his phoney wall, which won’t solve anything, but will add to the debt.

    • Trish and Rob says:

      One of the Trump apologists wrote us and his comments are so silly they just re-affirm our intent not to put up pro-Trump diatribes, which are most based on bad information and lies. This person told us in a very authoritative tone that we should not watch MSNBC and CNN, because they only are telling us anti-Trump talking points. In other words, we should be like him and watch only FOX, which – with a couple of exceptions of journalists there who are waking up—it’s all Trump propaganda and a repetition of the lies. That’s really pathetic. My response is that every pro-Trumpie should spend 15 minutes of the morning watching Morning Joe. Joe Scarborough is a conservative who was elected several times to the 1st District in Florida, which is probably the most conservative district in the state. I believe he received 78% in one election. He has other conservatives on the show, and they are laying out the facts about Trump and his lies.

      • Adele says:

        I know a Trumper who calls MSNBC the LSD channel. What I have to say about him would be banned for publication. Just read my mind. Read a good article in the recent New Yorker about how how Trump became president. You will learn all kinds of FACTS about him but of course the Trumpetts won’t read it.

        • Trish and Rob says:

          The LSD channel! That’s a good one!

        • Trish and Rob says:

          From the first time I heard him talk years ago about that video-phone, I knew within less than a minute that he was a con man. No need for MSBC or CNN. It’s obvious, but about a quarter of the country has bought into the con. The latest polls: 24% favor keeping the gov’t closed until the wall is funded. Our neighbors are right there with him. They also thought Saddham had weapons of mass destruction…and probably still do.

          The Trumpists say we are not seeing both sides, as if we should believe some of the lies, the tax cut was a really good thing for the middle class. What these apologists can’t deal with is the true conservative Republicans who have bailed on the party and Trump.