The Wacky Moon

Whenever I’m preparing to pitch an idea or submit a manuscript or anything else, the first thing I do is check to see if the moon is void of course. This means that the moon has made its last aspect to other planets and won’t make any more aspects before it changes signs. Since the moon changes signs every two and a half days, the void occurs beforehand and can last from a few minutes to ore than a day. The idea is here is that the moon has lost its power, has become inert. I think of it as the wacky moon.

The moon rules our inner lives, emotions, intuition, mom, instinct, the collective. When the moon is VC, we may feel out of sorts. We should avoid making important decisions – I’m going to quit my job, get divorced, end this relationship, sell my house – and do something to distract ourselves. Take a walk. Do some yoga. Listen to music that transports us. Meditate. Cook up a storm. Eat some chocolate chip cookies. Take a nap.

The VC moon is used mostly in horoary astrology – a type of astrology where a chart is erected for the date, time, and place that you ask a specific question. In the rules of horoary astrology- and there are a lot of rules – a VC moon is what you look for first. If the moon in the chart is VC, you don’t even bother reading the chart.

If you take the initiative for something during a VC moon, it may not turn out the way you planned and hoped it would – or nothing at all may come of it. If you make appointments when the moon is VC, you’ll probably have to re-schedule. Rather than buying a high price tag item during at this time, research prices. Travel can be interesting during a VC moon, with synchronicities popping up, almost as if to compensate for the moon’s inertia. If you move under a VC moon, you may experience chaos. We made that mistake during a move – two closings within a few hours of each other, our Realtor siding with the buyer on some minor sticking point, the deal nearly falling apart.

I don’t advocate being compulsive about the VC moon – it’s not like 3 weeks of a Mercury retrograde. But be aware of it when you’re in the throes of making important decisions. What prompted this post was that I was looking for a good time to upload my script for Skin Shifters. Typically, I aim for a new moon. But the Capricorn new moon on January 5 was also a solar eclipse and I shy away from submissions during eclipses. So I started looking for dates before the lunar eclipse on January 20-21 (depending on where you live), while the new moon energy was still operative. I’m aiming for January 15, when the moon is in Taurus, where my natal Venus and Mars are, or on the 17th, when the moon is solidly in Gemini, my sun sign. The 16th after 8 pm, when the VC moon ends as it enters Gemini, is also a possibility.

Here’s a link to a site where the VC moon dates and times are listed monthly in ET. Each year, I buy a pocket astrological calendar that includes all the important astro stuff I use. But everything is also online now.

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