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As we talked about in Secrets of Spirit Contact, communication with the dead can happen in a number of ways. The mot common are through sounds, music, objects, visions, smells, and human intermediaries who are often mediums.

Throughout history, there have been some famous mediums. In the 20th century, though, the most documented medium was Edgar Cayce, dubbed “the sleeping prophet” by author Jess Stearn, who wrote about him.

Another famous medium was author Jane Roberts, who channeled Seth, “a personality essence no longer focused in physical reality.” Together, they wrote mote than 20 books on the nature of reality. Roberts died in 1983.

Esther Hicks, who channels a consortium of souls known as Abraham, is probably the most well-known medium of the 21st century. She has become a kind of cottage industry with books and workshops. John Edward is another well-known medium and author. At one time, he had a TV show in which he moved among his audience and did on the spot readings. He now does that at live performances.

But mediums can be found virtually anywhere and today at the dog park, I heard about a local medium from my friend Arlene.

In June 2013, Arlene’s older sister died and 7 months later, in January 2014, her mother died. About a year ago, she attended a large gathering with a West Palm Beach medium, Justin Terry. Everyone who attended paid $30 and was asked to write down the names of deceased loved ones with whom they desired contact. The medium also asked them to jot down a question. Arlene’s question was: “Does my mother know that I did the best I could to take care of her?” Her mom was in a nursing home then. The pieces of paper were folded, everyone put their initials on the back, and they went into a basket.

The medium moved around the crowd, the basket was brought up to him, and he selected them. Without opening them, he gave on the spot readings. When he stopped in front of Arlene, he said he was getting “…like Laverne and Shirley.”

Hit #1: her mother’s name was Shirley. That seized Arlene’s attention.

“I’m also picking up Barb. Barbara. And I’m getting a color with her. Gray.”

Hits #2 and 3. Her sister’s name was Barbara Gray.

“And I’m also getting Bobbie,” he said.

Hit #4 stunned Arlene. When she and her sister were growing up, they called each other “sis” or “sister,” and never used their given names. Only their older friends from New York had called Barbara “Bobbie.”

“Hardly anyone knew about that nickname,” she explained. “And he did answer my question. He said my mother knew I had done all I could and appreciated everything.”

Judy, a Canadian woman, was standing with us when Arlene told this story. She recently lost both her mother and husband within a few days of each other and her life has been chaotic, to say the least. “My husband,” she said, “went out with a bang. Literally.”

Her husband had been in a nursing home for the last six or eight months. He had Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s and had been going steadily downhill. I’d last run into her at Whole Foods in the spring and this was the first time I’d seen her since then.

About an hour before her husband passed, she and her daughter had been asleep when a transformer box exploded outside their window. Shortly afterward, an attendant from the facility called and told them they should get to the facility. Judy feels the explosion of the transformer was her husband’s way of alerting them that he was dying.


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  1. lauren raine says:

    Meeting mediums has transformed my life, and taken away the fear of death completely. I have often visited Lilydale and Camp Chesterfield Spiritualist communities, and often wished I had more time to study with some of the mediums that live in those communities.

    I don’t know if I told this tale already, but in 2015 both my mother and my brother died, and that summer I ended up, through a synchronicity as a matter of fact, staying with medium Normandi Ellis at Camp Chesterfield for a while. While there I decided to have a reading with an elderly medium named Patricia Kennedy. She sat before me with a tablet of paper and pen and proceeded to do some kind of numerology about me, telling me personal things that ran true. Suddenly she stopped, pencil in hand, and looked up at me, and said “Florence and Glenn say hello!” I had not told her the names of my mother and brother!

    Then she said that my mother was holding out roses to her, and said that she and Glenn were together. My mother was a rose gardener, and grew up in Pasadena, California, where they hold the Rose Parade. That experience ended my grief, and helped me to move on.

    • Trish and Rob says:

      Now THAT is a powerful reading, Lauren! With a true medium. I love it when I hear experiences like this!

  2. DJan says:

    My mother and son visit me in my dreams. The events are so real that they seem more like memories of something that really happened than a dream. I love the story of the experience Arlene had with the medium. No question that something was communicated from the other side. 🙂

  3. Sheila Joshi says:

    Wow! Are you going to make an appointment with Justin Terry?

  4. Adele says:

    Amazing stories. Thanks for posting.

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