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I spent two days attempting to create a new blog that was supposed to be called Your Cosmic Stars. I tried Blogger. I tried Word Press. I couldn’t make either of these platforms work to my satisfaction. There’s a certain irony in that, since we originally started this blog on Blogger, then got hacked and migrated it to a Word Press blog hosted elsewhere. Blogger was nearly 10 years ago and this blog on WP came about in 2011. My conclusion is that I should probably take a course in coding or hire someone to walk me through the complexities. Or: create space for the astrology stuff on this blog. So that’s what I’ve done.

Now, in the masthead, you’ll find monthly astrological predictions for each sign. These aren’t the 4000-word predictions like astrologer Susan Miller does each month. I’ve kept them shorter, with the significant highlights. Each month, I’ll ask readers to send me their birth information for a lottery and the one that’s selected will receive an in-depth analysis for that month. That info must include your place, date, correct time of birth, and where you live now (for transits). That time of birth is critical. I’m not sure yet how that lottery will work – maybe the dogs will pick!


Along with our usual synchronicity posts, there will be posts on significant astrological events that are coming up. Like the January eclipses. The new and full moons, unusual patterns.

Someone asked me what astrology has to do with synchronicity. Well, everything. Carl Jung studied astrology. It, like the I Ching, is a divination system. Jung wrote the intro to Richard Wilhelm’s translation of the I Ching and it was the first time he mentioned synchronicity publicly. That was in 1949. Natal astrology is also a blueprint of potential for your life. It’s the map you chose before you were born.

Astrology is a language – like math, neurology, Swahili – but also a landscape of symbols. Metaphors. Observations. When I meet people, I often peg their sun signs correctly. When I’m wrong, I discover they have a rising or a moon in that sign. I suspect many astrologers do this. You’re not a color or culture to me, you’re not affiliated with any religion or political party. You’re a complex bundle of attributes, a Scorpio or an Aries, an Aquarius or a Capricorn. You’re fire, earth, air, water.

This point hit me some years ago, when I ghostwrote a couple of books for famed astrologer Sydney Omarr. The connection was that we had the same literary agent. Then, for a decade, when he was bedridden and after his death, I wrote his series of annual astrology books – 13 books a year – with my husband, Rob, who took a crash course in astrology. In my first conversation with Omarr, I made a remark and he laughed. “Spoken like a true Gemini.”

He pegged me with just one comment – and that comment was about how Virgos are such perfectionists. My daughter is a double Virgo, sun and moon. Rob has a Virgo moon. My first editor was a Virgo. Some of my closest friends are Virgo. My long-time agent is a Virgo.

When we act on the potential in our birth charts, then we evolve and flourish and achieve what we came in to do. When we resist that potential, a vital part of us withers up. The potential screams for expression and when it’s ignored, we get sick, our relationships become disruptive and toxic, we feel lost or lonely or miserable, our lives don’t work the way we hope. We become shadows of who we might be.

So, these are my thoughts. I wish I could direct you to a fabulous new Blogger or Word Press website that I built when the moon was heading toward a full moon in Gemini. Even though that full moon in my front yard was incredible, it was a techie disaster. The full moon often reveals what pushes your buttons and since it was in my sun sign – well, Gemini is about communication.

And check out the masthead every month!

HAPPY NEW YEAR! May 2019 be your best year yet!

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10 Responses to Your Cosmic Stars

  1. Victoria says:

    This is great! I look forward to reading this each month.

  2. DJan says:

    This is wonderful, Trish. I have enjoyed al the astrological information you have already shared with us here. I’ll be continuing to read, although not commenting all that often. I’m a Sagittarian with Virgo moon and Gemini rising. But you knew that about me already!

  3. Adele says:

    I am so glad you are doing an astrology section – easier than going to several sites.
    I am Leo with Virgo moon which is a big help for dealing with details that my Aries ascendant does not want to be bothered with. It can be a battle. I recently had an encounter with a Virgo with Virgo ascendant and 4 o5 planets in the first house. OMG. I need to write Trish an email about this.

    Happy New Year to all the synchro people.

    • Trish and Rob says:

      So you can also also read your ascendant sign, Adele. Si this person you met was pretty much all Virgo!
      Happy new year!

  4. isabella says:

    Love it. Syraifht to the point and reader friendly. Not much jargonneven for initiated. Thank you. How to xontribute to lotterry? Let me know.

    • Trish and Rob says:

      Just send me your birth data again, Isabella. I lost some data from my program, not sure what happened. Then at the end of January I’ll put the different birthdates in a lottery, have the pooches choose one, and will give that winner a reading for the next month.

  5. Alisha says:

    This is great news, couldn’t have been happier! Thank you.
    What astrology crash course did Rob take?
    I will take a course myself to develop a website, you’re an inspiration to me.

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