On November 8, Jupiter entered fire sign Sagittarius, the sign it rules and where it functions well. Jupiter represents expansion, luck, synchronicity, excess. It also rules the higher mind, our spiritual beliefs, higher education, publishing, long distance travel, foreign people and cultures. Whenever the slower moving planets change signs, stuff happens.

On March 11, 2011, Uranus – the planet of disruption, sudden, unforeseen events – entered Aries. Uranus rules, among other things, earthquakes, and Aries is the god of war that rules our physicality, sexuality, capacity for aggression. And on that day, a 9.0 quake shook the Pacific, triggering a tsunami that ultimately resulted in the meltdown of Fukushima.

On October 10, 2017, When Jupiter entered Scorpio (sexuality, what’s hidden, the bottom line), the Weinstein scandal erupted and shortly afterward, the MeToo movement was born.

Now, on November 8, when Jupiter entered Sadge, we have fires raging in California. The town of Paradise is gone, incinerated. As that fire – Camp Fire, it’s called – moved on, I received a frantic text message from my sister, Mary, that her middle son Avery, who lives in Chica, 15 miles from Paradise, wasn’t going to evacuate until he was ordered to. He has been working and living in Chico for the last several years for a dog food company. He’s the guy who tests the food. The animal control shelter in Paradise was asking nearby residents to take animals from their shelter and get them to safety, so Avery took Ozzie, a big dog who looks like he could protect you against anything.

For more than 12 hours, Mary heard nothing from Avery and was frantic. During tines like this, your imagination slams into overdrive. You see your child trapped in a burning car. A burning building. Or abandoning the car altogether and racing away from the fire on foot. Then, on the morning of the 9th, Mary heard that Avery had escaped with Ozzie, the big dog, and they were camping out at Fort Bragg northwest of San Francisco. I think Ozzie is now Avery’s dog!

In the meantime, fires have broken out in Thousand Oaks, site of a horrific shooting the night before, and in Malibu. Camp Fire in northern California has obliterated more than 100,000 acres. The Woolsey fire in southern California caused 200,000 people to evacuate the city of Malibu, where fire has scorched more than 70,000 acres.

In addition to the natural disasters, we have election recounts going on in Florida’s senatorial and gubernatorial races. It’s a deja vu from the election in 2000, which resulted in Bush V Gore and went to the Supreme Court, where the election ultimately was decided.
So here we are. Then, tonight, our friend Sharlie Boulic, one of the planetary empaths we’ve written about before, emails this:

Just got an image of huge tectonic plates moving, causing massive
disaster. Don’t know if it’s one of the poles but a catastrophe is in the making.
Painful to see…

I pay attention to Sharlie’s visions. They’ve proven accurate before.

Here’s the firefighters response to Trump’s belligerence and unwillingness to show any sympathy for those who have lost everything in the fires.

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11 Responses to Fire

  1. Vicki DeLaurentis says:

    Interesting. I was just telling my husband that I feel something “big” coming. I feel a shaking. The roaring in my ears (usually signals mass shootings) has calmed down as of now but I still don’t feel clear.
    I felt that over 20 years ago we’d be saying goodbye to CA but didn’t have a time frame.

    • Trish and Rob says:

      Besides the shaking, what’s the signal for quakes, Vicki? T

      • Vicki DeLaurentis says:

        I get the annoying clicking in my ear for natural disastrous stuff, nothing specifically for earthquakes. I just keep feeling a big shaking happening.
        My ears get a very loud roaring in my ears usually 24-48 hours before a mass shooting.
        Before the bomb scares and then mass shooting though the roaring in my ears was deafening !!

  2. CJ says:

    Along with Debra and other PEs, mine have been debilitating Just last nite as my husband and I were watching the fires, etc., I remarked to him that California is doomed. It’s going to be leaving….whether breaking completely off the continent or just becoming unlivable. I’ve resided twice in California. Once when I was still in high school with my family, and the second time in Palm Springs when I was in medical research there. CA was unstable even then, and that has been decades ago. Edgar Cayce, Ruth Montgomery (Arthur Ford thru her),among other dependable seers, stated that CA was going off the map….no time line given. It may be happening now. The San Andreas fault must be taking one heck of a beating between the fires and the droughts, etc. The tar pits as seen in the movie VOLCANO with Tommy Lee Jones are real, and they, too, are in the midst of all this. My symptoms are keeping me bedridden because they are coming on top of the Parkinson’s. It breaks my heart, not just the people, but the thousands of animals. Can’t think about that. I must say this, and hope it doesn’t offend anyone….but California is populated by millions of folks whose lives are….how can I put this….ugly when you get down to the nitty-gritty. Maybe this the manner in which the Universe is trying to bring some semblance of balance out there before it disappears into the ocean. I’m so glad Debra no longer lives there!

    • Trish and Rob says:

      I don’t understand your comment about the millions people in California whose lives are “ugly.” Is it only in California?

  3. Debra Page says:

    I haven’t been posting much. My seizures are not under control. The computer triggers them. Yesterday and this morning I receved back to back, consecutive ear ringing signals indicating rapid earyh movements. I can’t remember having this number of signals so rapidly in a such a short period of time before. I no longer live in earthquake country (after 31 yrs) so I was surprised.

  4. Sheila Joshi says:

    We are stunned by the Paradise fire (Camp Fire) which is about 120 miles away. It didn’t seem possible that we could have another fire as bad as, and even worse than, the Tubbs Fire which just occurred 8 October 2017 about 15 miles away. So soon? Shouldn’t there be a decent interval?

    It took me an entire year to stop having little bumps with blood in them after the toxic smoke from the Tubbs Fire — burnt household plastics, pesticides, batteries, etc. Not the same as wood smoke. And the smoke here is worse this year, even though it’s farther way — it’s a question of wind direction. I’m running the heater extra to filter the air.

    A friend of mine’s entire Southern California family — five households — have been evacuated and don’t know the status of their houses. They spent the night in their cars, because the shelter was full and the roads out were closed. Her niece works next door to the Thousand Oaks shooting and declined an invitation to go there the night of the shooting — some good synchronicity, I guess. I’m so glad your nephew is safe!

    What with relentless Trumpism, mass shootings, and Climate Change catastrophes every week, it’s really like we’re living in wartime. Constant trauma or vicarious trauma.

    • Trish and Rob says:

      It sounds awful, Sheila. I hadn’t thought of the quality of the smoke – wood versus melting metal, batteries etc. I’m glad your friends got out. But it must be wrenching not to know about their homes.

    • Trish and Rob says:

      And Trump has no sympathy for those who have lost everything in the fires. Instead, he threatens to withhold funds for recovery. He makes everything, even disasters, political. The firefighters in California had an interesting response to Trump. I added it to the bottom of the post.

      • Sheila Joshi says:

        That was an excellent response from the President of the California Professional Firefighters. Thanks for posting it. We are all tearfully grateful to the firefighters. They are working incredible hours — back-breaking, emotionally wrenching work.

        Trumpism, mass shootings, and Climate Change catastrophes are happening all over the US. But California holds a unique place in the American imagination. Still the land of movie magic, orange groves and cable cars. Now add tech.

        As the world’s fifth largest economy, it might also be thought of as one of the world’s biggest democracies. And as a *Democratic* state, we have a vital role to play in innovative initiatives in social justice, healthcare, and environmental protection. We adhere to the Paris Climate Accord and have formed creative ecological alliances with other countries and provinces around the world. Stay tuned for more goodness from California.