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Synchronicity often proves to be the language of anomalous events. Whether we pay attention or not depends on how closely we’re paying attention to the events in our own lives. This experience involves a cat, a grandmother,  a book, and spirit contact.

In late July, several years after the death of his grandmother, a cat came to Bhairujan’s door, meowing. (The little beauty in the above photo)He invited her – Mishu-  into his house and as he was getting her food ready, she let loose with the loudest “meow” he’d ever heard.

“I chuckled a bit and said, ‘Wow, you’re really hungry, aren’t you? or something like that.  And she responded with another “meow”.  So I said something else, and she responded again.  And again.  This went on for several minutes, it was like we were having a real conversation.  Every time I spoke to her, she sat quietly and listened, and then responded.  I have no idea what she was saying, but I am absolutely convinced that she was understanding me.  Just for fun, I even said something in Bengali, which was my grandmother’s native language. I don’t speak the language at all really, but I’ve heard enough of it to pick up a few words – and the cat looked annoyed and said sternly, “Meow!”, as if my grandmother was scolding me for my horrible pronunciation and grammar of her native tongue.

“I should also mention that this cat is normally very quiet, and this hasn’t happened again since that day. I’m fairly convinced that my cat is the spirit of my deceased grandmother. It was like she somehow broke through for just that moment, and was able to communicate with me. So anyway, that’s what got me thinking about communication from the other side that day.  And then I found your book.

“Later that day I took the bus to visit a friend in NYC.  When I sat down on the bus, lying there on the seat next to me was a book someone had left behind – Synchronicity and the Other Side by Rob and Trish MacGregor.  I picked it up and started reading it.  I read about half of it on the bus trip, but I didn’t feel right taking it with me when I got off, so I left it there where I found it.

“I ordered a copy from Amazon when I got home, and I read the rest.  I had never heard of Rob and Trish MacGregor before, and there was a reference to your blog and web site in the back of the book.  I felt a strong compulsion to go there.  I don’t know why.  Probably because I thought it was weird that I was thinking about communications from the other side that day, and I just happened to find your book on the bus.  It was like something was telling me I HAD to go to your site to learn more about you, I was being pulled so hard in that direction.  So I did.

“There’s so much we don’t understand about this crazy universe we live in.

First I want to tell you how I ended up at your blog.
And (of course), the first post I read was a rant about Donald Trump.

We exchanged a few comments, an interesting discussion developed, so I stayed around.  I stayed around long enough to get Connie’s attention, and that’s why I’m writing to you today.  When she asked me to contact you for her email, it became clear to me why I was so drawn to your blog that day.

I have some sort of weird connection with Connie.  I don’t know exactly what it is yet, but we’ve been exchanging emails and there are enough things in our lives that lead me to believe our paths have crossed before – maybe in another life, maybe even in several.  Some of her ideas are a little “out there” (and I think you know she would readily admit that, so I don’t think I’m betraying her by telling you so), but then again so are some of mine.  She seems to sense things.  She knew things about me before I told her.  I shared with her a series of dreams I’ve had, and she was shocked by some of the connections to her past- (and present) life experiences.  We are connected somehow.  We are still exploring that connection, and you guys are the reason we found it.

So that’s why I wanted to say thanks – in some kind of weird twist of events (synchronicity?) your blog brought us together, and started me down another rabbit hole.  I don’t know what we’ll find there, but like most things in life, it’s about the journey.

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3 Responses to Grandmother+cat+book+synchronicity=spirit contact

  1. bh says:

    Thanks for posting this. It really was a strange series of events that led me to your blog, and eventually to the weird connection with Connie that we are still exploring – I’ll update you on that once we sort out all the connections. At this point all I know is that our paths have crossed before, somewhere…

  2. Adele says:

    I LOVE this story(s).