The Odd Beam of Light

I was in Pennsylvania during the last weekend in October, visiting our friends Carol and Steve Bowman. I snapped a photo of their yard, where Steve had been gardening much of the day, and snapped this photo from about 15 feet away. The beam wasn’t visible to the naked eye. It only showed up in the photo.

Carol and I laughed about it and figured it might be connected, somehow, to the UFO conference we were going to the next day.

Before I left their place on Sunday, I checked the spot where the beam was hitting. It’s here.

It turns out the stump is that of a 60-foot tree they had to remove during the summer because the trunk had been damaged during a storm. This also happens to be on the ley line that runs across their property.

More soon on that UFO convention!

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10 Responses to The Odd Beam of Light

  1. lauren raine says:

    Sig Lonegren, a famous dowser and geomancer, says that leys can also go “up” and “down”.

  2. blah says:

    a FBF and childhood classmate,,, has pictures of him in his son’s house,,, Orb’s,,,, house was first constructed in 1760…. (I just viewed about 4 hrs. ago)

  3. Dale Dassel says:

    Cool! That looks almost exactly like the ray of sunlight that hit the Tanis map room in Raiders of theLost Ark! 🙂

  4. DJan says:

    The tree was telling you something, it seems. I look forward to hearing about the UFO convention! And thanks for letting me know that my comments are making it to your blog.

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