Full Moon in Aries


On September 24, at 10:52 p.m. EDT, we’ve got a full moon in Aries. Full moons are generally times of harvest, culmination, news, illumination.

This one may have something of a bite to it, though. Saturn forms a challenging angle to it, suggesting trouble or confrontation with a boss, parent, or other authority figure. Avoid confrontation. Any news you hear may require some flexibility or adjustment.

Aries: The news you hear should be personally satisfying, but with the above caveat. This is the harvest time of the month and if you’ve laid the groundwork throughout the rest of the month, the payoff should occur on or around the time of this full moon.

Taurus: The full moon illuminates an issue or belief that you should deal with so you can move forward in your various endeavors. If you’ve held a grudge, resolve it. Pay close attention to your dreams.

Gemini: This full moon ramps up your social life. You and a group of friends or colleagues may do some brainstorming about a joint project. Your passions run fast ands furiously during this full moon.

Cancer: This full moon lights up your career area. There should be career news or news about someone with who you work. A project you’ve been working on is completed. Avoid confrontation with your boss.

Leo: Overall, this full moon should be a good one for you – if you can avoid disagreements. Aries is also a fire sign, so this one stirs your passions and thrust for independence. You may travel suddenly on or around the time of this full moon and because it falls in that area of your chart that rules foreign countries and travel, the trip could be overseas. Or, you hear news about a publishing project.

Virgo: This moon highlights your finances, in particular the resources you share with others – a roommate, partner, parent. If you’re trying to figure out how to make your money go farther, the news you hear may help that to happen. New client? A sale?

Libra: This moon brings culmination of some kind with a business or personal partner. You may decide to cut ties or to deepen your commitment. With both the sun and Mercury, the planet of communication, in your sign, there’s plenty of conversation about the direction in which the relationship is headed.

Scorpio: There may be news about a work-related project or about a job. You could be called back for a second interview or learn that you landed the job. Since Saturn forms a challenging angle to this full moon, it’s wise to carefully consider what the job entails before you commit to it.

Sagittarius: This moon shines a light on your love life, creative endeavors, and kids. There could be news connected to one or all of these areas. You may complete a creative project on or around the time of this full moon. Your passions are heightened.

Capricorn: Expect news about your family/home or, because Aries is involved, about some entrepreneurial venture in which you’re involved. You may feel more impulsive and impatient and that’s may lead to a discovery of something exciting and entirely new. A word of caution: don’t speed while driving.

Aquarius: News arrives about a sibling, neighbor, or friend. You finish up a project you’ve been working on and approach everything with a kind of fearlessness. With mars in your sign now, you’re physically energetic and ready to take on the world.

Pisces: This full moon lights up your financial area and could bring news about money. Perhaps it’s a new source of income or a raise or you’re paid the remainder of what you’re owed. With Neptune still in your sign and Jupiter forming a beneficial angle to it, or you land a raise, the news may seem too good to be true! Pay close attention to the details.

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