More 11s!

Recently, we posted a piece on 11,111, and it precipitated emails from several people. I’m always curious about how these numbers play out in other people’s lives. Various meanings have been attributes to 11s – the number of angels, spirit contact, a sign that events are going to unfold. I don’t think there’s any one interpretation. The meaning seems to be as individual as each of us is.

Here’s Melissa’s experiences in a single day that started with seeing 11:11 as she headed out her front door.

11:11 AM on my phone when checking the time on my way out the door.

I headed out of the house and while I was walking this man — he was black, tall, skinny but not sure if homeless or crazy or both, I couldn’t tell — smiled at me. So, I smiled back as you do. Then he lifted his hand making a gesture like a gun and fired it in my face. I just looked at him and he continued to smile and I walked away. He said nothing, I said nothing. He watched me because when I turned the corner I could see him in my periphery.

I got on the train and headed toward my destination, MoMa (the Museum of Modern Art) to renew my membership and see some art. I was going there specifically to see the 12:30 performance of ‘Yvonne Rainer: Early Dances 1961-1969’ but the trains were all be rerouted in weird ways, due to maintenance and construction. I swear that the particular re-routes were not on the MTA site when I checked before heading out. I was annoyed.

I basically got off a stop much farther away than I had wanted – 17 or 18 blocks, about a mile. I made it there in 15 minutes after speed-walking and having to stop at almost every crosswalk for the light, but I was able to renew my membership and snag a spot for the performance, so it worked out.

I studied Rainer’s film work in college. Her career began in minimalist dance and she incorporated film into her pieces, which eventually segued into film making. She was a frequent topic in my feminist film studies classes.

As I waited for the performance to begin, I noticed an older woman standing to my right, it was Yvonne Rainer!

This is significant to me because shortly after I graduated college, I was still living in Gainesville and Rainer came to UF’s Harn Museum for a screening of her film ‘MURDER and murder’ accompanied by a discussion and Q&A afterward. Of course, I attended and that evening, probably 18 or 19 years ago, I was seated in the back of the audience next to an older woman. At the time, I had no idea what Rainer looked like, having only seen her on the screen from the 60s and 70s, much younger. When the film ended, I exchanged pleasantries with this woman as one of my film professors gave an introduction. Then that same woman stood up and went to the podium. The woman on my right was Yvonne Rainer!

Yesterday, before the performance, we exchanged brief pleasantries once again, nothing too significant. And I should have asked for a quick photograph, but I didn’t.

And, after I shared this with you on text last night, I looked at my phone to check the time and it was 11:11 PM! Nice closure to the day.

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10 Responses to More 11s!

  1. connie cannon says:

    This comment is late because it just happened last night and I want to share it, relevant to 11 11. For several years, my husband and I were friends with a couple here. He was a Methodist minister who reminds me a great deal of DJT: big, imposing, very full of himself, loud, boisterous, with a beautiful baritone singing voice. She is a petite attractive, conceited woman. I had a difficult time being in their energy. We met when my hubby did some renovation work in their house, and then occasionally we went out to dinner and visited in their home or ours. By OUR choice, not theirs, we abruptly ended the friendship. No need to give details. Defining more about him: In addition to being a minister with a large congregation, he is an actor who performs one-person shows….himself….as people from the Bible….Judas; Joseph with the Coat of Many Colors; the disciple Peter, etc etc etc. We never went to any of his shows. Haven’t run into them for a while but read about his “acting career” and shows in our local paper. He retired from the ministry to do that on a permanent basis. I want to add this, and beg to be excused for seeming to “blow my own horn”. I’m honestly not. Its just necessary to the telling of the event. They knew off my medical career, and of course that hubby is a Georgia mountain boy. In order to being accepted into my husband’s family, I had to adopt a different persona from the true ME and have done so for 54 years. This couple had me pegged for an uneducated hillbilly in spite of my medical credentials. They had no clue that I also have an associate degree in English Journalism and another in Applied Mathematics.
    During our final visit in their home one night after we had gone to dinner, we moved into a discussion of religion and spirituality. She made several rude, condescending, disparaging remarks aimed in my direction, and I suddenly silently said ‘to hell with it’, completely shed the mountain woman disguise that I wear, (this is by no means a negative critic from me of my husband or his family. They are wonderful, down to earth folks.), and allowed myself to be ME, using the language, syntax, vocabulary, etc., that is who I AM., and quite literally lit into them. To say they were astounded would be an understatement. She turned pale, his mouth dropped to his feet. On that note, hubby and I departed their company and haven’t seem them since. Good riddance.

    I’m telling this story because I dreamed about them last night. Curiously, since I never think about them. In my dream, she was sitting against a wall dressed in ragged messy clothes like a street person and was speaking incoherently. I asked someone what was wrong with her, but no one knew. I asked where her husband was and was told he was off doing a show.

    When I woke up, I ran their numbers. I’ll give them here in their appropriate numbers instead of their letters. Her first name has three letters. They are 5-1-5 = 11. Her surname is 5-5-1-4-5-9 = 11. So there is the 11 11. His first name also is three letters:
    3-5-5 = 4, same surname of course, which = 11.

    I don’t have a clue WHY I dreamed of this couple and the 11 11, altho 11 11 is common with me. Am trying to think it thru and see if anything comes to mind. Anyway, I wanted to share this 11 11 and THANK YOU for listening to this strange incident!

  2. lauren raine says:

    What an amazing sychronicity!

  3. Darren B says:

    I see that Paul McCartney’s new album ‘Egypt Station’ is priced at $11.11 at Amazon –

    I just wrote a post recently about him saying that he thinks Linda sent him a message through a white squirrel , too –

  4. Melissa says:

    It was a totally weird and creepy start to a relatively pleasant day. The real kicker was seeing 11:11 when we were texting that night and talking about it!