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Our friend, Bernard Beitman, a professor at the University of Virginia, whose academic work focuses on synchronicity, has good things to say about Greg Meyerhof, who has used his intuitive abilities in his career and his personal life, and now is showing others how to develope their own abilities.

We don’t know Greg, but from his bio it sounds as if he has explored virtually every corner of the paranormal landscape at one time or another.

Here is what Bernard has to say about him…

Greg Myeroff spent 20 years using his intuition in corporate sales, winning awards for his achievements. He subsequently has spent the last 20 years showing clients how to succeed at work and at home using their own intuition. In his Great Life Empowerment Program he intuitively reads your energy, works with you to clear out blocks, and establishes alignment and flow in your system so you can focus and create what you want. This flow brings about synchronicities that make your life easier and more fun!

Greg is an internationally known intuitive coach, award-winning author, and engaging speaker. He is a clinical hypnotherapist, animal communicator, and a communicator with loved ones on the Other Side. He applies energy feng shui to create the environment you desire and sell your home or business. His sessions are available by phone.

Greg is the cofounder of Go Intuition, Inc. with Anne Salisbury, PhD. He is the coauthor of The Path of Intuition: Your Guidebook for Life’s Journey and Journey to Heaven: An Insider’s Guide to the Afterlife. For more about Greg visit GoIntuition.com.

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  1. Connie Cannon says:

    I understand this is off topic of the post, but am so touched I want to share it. Am sure most folks have been watching Hurricane Florence meandering slowly along her deadly path. The governors of each of the five states most in line for a hit have spoken to the public. Each governor, without exception, has made a new and heart-warming declaration. They have said that in the past, many people refused to leave home because they wouldn’t leave their beloved pets and the shelters refused to allow pets beyond very few shelters. Each governor said that this time, families can take their pets and were being urged to do so….that EVERY shelter, EVERY ONE, would accept pets this time. They each went on to ask that pet families be sure to bring vaccination papers on their pets if available, and pans for food and water, and also food for the pet. They said that having a carrier would be great, if not, a leash would do, and each shelter was providing a special space out of harm’s way from the weather with pallets of grass for the dogs and litter boxes for the cats to relieve the needs of the animals, and otherwise the pets would be allowed to remain with their families. Birds of course would be allowed to remain with their humans in appropriate cages.The governors each stated that lives have been lost because humans wouldn’t leave their pets, and they were not going to continue the practice of “pets not allowed”. I am moved beyond expression by this new development for evacuees. The relief is palpable. ONLY IN AMERICA. Our country is the only country on the planet that treasures our creatures to such an extent. We see firemen on high ladders rescuing kittens from roofs and trees; police on their hands and knees rescuing puppies from storm drains, and on and on. I realize there are people who are not animal lovers and who consider this to be offensive.They have no clue what they are missing in their lives. Thank you, governors
    and other authorities for such a loving change of rule. I have no doubt there will now be families evacuating, and this is such a beautiful thing in the face of horrendous
    MOTHER”S NATURE’S worst wrath. I would never leave Storm. Never. And knowing that at the end of the day in certain conditions I would have to choose, I am incredibly touched.

  2. Darren B says:

    You can listen to Bernie talk to Greg in this episode from Bernie’s podcast show
    ‘CCBB: Greg Meyerhoff – Intuition and Synchronicities’
    by clicking on the link below –

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