Ingo Swann: A Man Who Heard Voices

In a book we’re working on now, Visions: A Thoughtful Guide to Common Paranormal Phenomena, we include two intriguing stories about Ingo Swann, a man who heard voices.

He was a co-creator of the government’s remote-viewing program, the Stargate Project, one of the most famous psychics in recent decades and participated in numerous scientific/government research projects in the 1970s and ‘80s. He was also an artist and an author of several books on the paranormal.

After graduating from college in 1955, he joined the army and soon found himself stationed in Korea where he was assigned to the staff of the commander of all forces in the Pacific. While working in the dangerous demilitarized zone where random shots were frequently fired, he heard a voice one day that saved his life.

He was attending a meeting between the U.S. forces and the South and the North Koreans in a temporary building where he helped organize some aspects of the protocol. During those meetings, the protocol required all participants to sit in assigned seats and not to move from the seats until the meeting was over. “Each side was worried about the possibilities of assassination, and any untoward move by anyone was more than just frowned upon,” Swann wrote in Your Nostradamus Factor: Accessing Your Innate Ability to See into the Future.

Swann was seated in his assigned chair at the end of the second row of ‘observers’ when the incident occurred. Only the principals were allowed to speak, but about five minutes into the meeting, he heard a voice behind him, which he described as “a high-volume command.” The voice said, “Get up. Get up now.”

He stood up and realized that there was no one behind him. All eyes in the room turned toward him as the conversation stopped, and hands reached for their weapons. “At that moment there was, in quick succession, a pop, and a thung. A bullet ripped through the pre-fab wall and hit the back of the chair where I’d been sitting, striking right where my heart would have been if I had remained sitting.” The incident abruptly ended the meeting and Swann was cleared of any wrong-doing in the ensuing investigation.

Years later in New York City, Swann was listening to music at high volume through headphones on his Walkman when he was again saved by a voice. He was walking to a grocery store and after checking for traffic, was about to step off a curb when a loud voice shouted above the music: “Stop!” He stopped in midstride and moved back about three inches from the curb to catch his balance.

At that moment, an unseen car whizzed by, striking the curb, and the impact knocked Swann off his feet. The speeding vehicle was followed by a police car, its lights spinning. His abrupt action had saved his life. “Later, when I had recovered, I rewound the tape and listened to see if the word Stop! was there. It wasn’t.”

Swann died in 2013.

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9 Responses to Ingo Swann: A Man Who Heard Voices

  1. Nancy says:

    I also hear voices. So does my brother, who says it’s the voice of God telling him to do things. I’m not so sure it’s God, but it has saved me at times. Just recently my sister said she heard a voice while she was sleeping and said it said it called out her name really loud. (She is very un-woo woo, btw.) Same thing happened to me several years ago. It was during a dream where I was trying to swim to the surface and couldn’t quite make it. I was starting to just relax and not worry about swimming any more when I heard a very loud voice call my name. I ended up having a sleep study and found that I have sleep apnea. I think that voice saved my life.

  2. lauren raine says:

    Swann was an amazing man, who contributed a great deal to our knowledge about the paranormal. And I thought he was an extraordinary artist too.

  3. CJ says:

    When voices in the Mind save lives…….My sister, who lives with her family in MO, had such an experience several years ago when she was still driving. She has a Masters in Nursing and was D.O.N. at a large Alzheimer’s facility, so is VERY stable . MO is really hilly in parts….roads like roller coasters. Kay has always driven like that “little ole lady from Pasadena” (we teased about that!). Anyway, she was driving home from work one afternoon in her SUV and was behind an 18-wheeler carrying a gigantic ‘mold’ for an in-ground swimming pool, chained to its flatbed by heavy chains. Being the careful driver she always was, she said she was already at least five or so car lengths behind the truck.

    As the road approached a steep up-ward incline, Kay said a voice in her head literally shouted “Kay! Stop! Back up! Put the car in reverse!l” Kay looked in her rear view mirror and there were no vehicles behind her, and she immediately shifted into reverse and put distance between herself and the truck. She said she had to stop when she was about 16 or so car lengths between her and the truck because there were vehicles at that point lining up behind her. Halfway up the steep incline, she saw the chains holding the pool snap and the enormous mold slid off the flatbed and land on the road with a deafening crash, splitting the pavement like an earthquake. Even being several vehicles behind it as she had previously been, the pool would have crushed her! Kay was so shaken she couldn’t move; just held onto her steering wheel. Drivers from some of the other vehicles went to check on her, and someone called 911. It wasn’t long before the sirens were audible, driving on the outside edge of the road. One of the paramedics drove Kay’s SUV and parked it well of the road, (even tho the other cars couldn’t proceed, obviously), and Kay was strapped onto a gurney and carried to the hospital, meanwhile the medics contacting her husband. Kay was so traumatized she was unable to drive for a very long time. But she said she remembered repeating over and over and over
    “thank you thank you thank you” to the Voice in her head that saved her life!

    My motto: Always listen when that Voice speaks to you, even tho we may sometimes never know WHY it’s speaking!

  4. Carlos says:

    Swann was an unusual man who seemed to be genuinely psychic. His involvement in the early Stargate/remote viewing program says a great deal, I think, about his contributions to our general knowledge about psi.