Solar Eclipse in Leo – and a question about trump’s birth time

Remember when trump questioned Obama’s nationality? Well, in a weird twist, there are apparently some discrepancies about trump’s birth time that may come to light with the August 11 solar eclipse in Leo. But first, a bit about this eclipse.

On August 11, we have our third solar eclipse this year, at 18 degrees and 41 minutes of Leo. So if you’re a Leo, born between August 6-15, or have a Leo moon or rising at 14 to 22 degrees Leo, you’ll feel this eclipse most strongly.

Solar eclipses trigger outer events and often usher in new opportunities and relationships. This one features not only the sun and moon in Leo, but also Mercury and the North Node. So you Leos – and other fire signs – may have new opportunities in communication, travel, and learning (Mercury) and any of these areas represent a positive direction for you. Pluto, the planet that represents power/authority forms an angle to the eclipse degree that suggests you may have to adjust your attitude toward a boss or other authority figure to avoid confrontation.

These eclipses often trigger unexpected events – personally or globally. What, for instance, might this eclipse bring about for trump, who has a Leo rising?

There seems to be some discrepancy about his time of birth. Here’s a fascinating article about it. The Astro-Data Bank source considered to be the final word for birth times lists trump’s time of birth as 10:54 a.m, which gives him a 29 degree Leo rising. But in a 1994 book by Lynne Palmer, Gambling to Win, trump is one of her examples and she uses a 9:51 a.m birth time, and the source of that time was trump’s mother. The reason this makes a difference  is because the 9:51 a.m. time gives trump a rising of 17 degrees 24 minutes, which means this eclipse falls on his rising.

Given the multiple investigations that are going on into the trump empire’s  questionable financial dealings, possible collusion with Russia, payoffs to women with whom he has had affairs,  this eclipse could hurl him into more chaos than usual. Stay tuned, folks. Things could be getting very interesting as the stakes escalate.

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5 Responses to Solar Eclipse in Leo – and a question about trump’s birth time

  1. lauren raine says:

    Hey, fascinating! I confess, I’ve been feeling much more optimistic and “fiery” the past few days! (I’m a Leo with a Leo rising). I hope it stays that way a while!

  2. That is a powerful lot of Leo stuff jolting my Leo sun and Mercury. How will that play out I wonder. The event isn’t over yet.