A multifaceted spirit contact story

In August, our book on spirit contact will be published by Llewellyn. One of the best synchronicities connected to the book so far is that the copy editor, Rhiannon Nelson, mentioned that she has had a number of experiences of spirit contact. So I asked if she would share them. The following experience concerns her brother, Dale, who passed when he was just 24.


My older brother Dale used to LOVE strawberry shampoo. His favorite was Suave and he would wash and condition with it all the time, leaving a light scent of strawberries on him. He also chewed Cherry Skoal chewing tobacco. Not sure if you’ve ever smelled it, but it was a very specific smell.

Tragically, my brother died when I was 22 years old and he was 24 years old. It was, needless to say, a horrible time in my life. A couple of years after he passed, I got a tattoo of his initials. It was a really bittersweet event for me, as I missed him terribly.

Driving home after getting the tattoo, I smelled strawberry shampoo and Cherry Skoal. I was so overcome with emotion, I had to pull over and compose myself. I knew he was with me, and he wanted me to feel him…and I did.

In August before his death, I had a dream that he died. It was horrible. And then when he died suddenly in November, I was overcome with guilt for not reading the signs. My sister helped me to realize that it was Spirit telling me he was going to leave me, and it was more of a preparation.

I once edited a book for Llewellyn, and one of the exercises in the book was to invite a spirit of a loved one to join you for something. So I spoke to Dale and asked if he would like to join me as I headed up to Duluth, MN, to visit with my younger brother and his family. I told him I would love for him to be with us for the day, and I would channel his love through me to my niece and nephew, who he never got to meet. As I drove north, a large bald eagle swooped down over my car and flew above me for a time, wings outstretched. It was Dale. He was obsessed with bald eagles, and drew them all the time when he was alive. I see them at the most opportune times, and I always know it’s him, checking in.

I have also had several mediums claim to talk to him, but only two rang true. In both instances, the medium said things they would never have known. And on one instance, Dale asked if his soul could come back into my life through someone else. I said yes, and when the group took a break, another woman attending the ceremony asked if she could ask me some follow-up questions. She too was a medium, and had felt his presence strongly, and wanted to know more.

She immediately started asking me about the people in my life to try to get a sense of where Dale’s soul might come through.

“Do you have a sister?” she asked. I said yes, one, as she seemed to read my aura after I said my answer. She said, “No, that’s not it.”

“Do you have a sister-in-law?” she asked. I said yes, two. Again she seemed to read my aura after I said my answer. She again said, “No, that’s not it.”

“Do you have close girlfriends?” she asked. “Yes, I have two girlfriends who are like sisters.” As she read me, she said, “Hmmmm, tell me about them.” I told her that one had two daughters and wasn’t planning on having any more children, and the other one had one biological daughter and an adopted son. She looked at me as if to say, Keep going. I told her that she and her husband had just miraculously conceived after 9+ years of trying. “Bingo, there’s your brother,” was her reply.

She told me to try to astral travel to my friend’s bedside for three nights in a row, and on the third night I would know if it was him. I don’t know how to astral travel, and although I tried, I didn’t feel successful, so I never felt the definitive click that she was correct. But I do know that she gave me her card after we chatted and asked me to keep her updated on what happened. The image on her card: a bald eagle.


Stay tuned for Rhiannon’s next story – about the “haunted” house where she and her husband live.

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7 Responses to A multifaceted spirit contact story

  1. Jane Clifford says:

    I have an aunt whose mansion in Cornwall was haunted by a perfumed lady on the stairs. They found smugglers tunnels from the house to the beach and a cromwellian sheild up a chimney!

  2. Jane Clifford says:

    I’ve had many spirits contact me withnaccurate information. On one occaiaion a lady wanted to hear from her brother in,spirit. He gave me one word, Mulberry. Thismis told her and she said he had brought her mulberry suitacases not Jong beforemhe died. I replied no it’s mulberry tree. She said they played under it at their grandmothers it was her happiest childhood memory of him. Sometimes one word is all I get and it’s enough to connect

  3. C.J. says:

    I must chuckle a bit here. There are new commercials on TV about the following: “At
    least 51% or more of Parkinson’s Disease patients suffer delusions and hallucinations”.
    The first time I saw it…and it’s frequently aired now…I told my hubby I am really happy I was BORN with these abilities to connect by various methods to folks in Spirit, otherwise a neurologist would medicate me for these “symptoms”!! The patient in the commercial is an older fellow who talks about his ‘visitors’, and states, “Oh, the stories they tell, but only to ME” and he is terrified by them. Discontinuing the levity here, I must wonder if Parkinson’s patients are possibly NOT having delusions and hallucinations, but perhaps PD may instead open a door in the brain or mind that allows experiences that are actually REAL and are not manifestations of off-the-wall PD symptoms? Nevertheless, I remain very, very glad that mediumship is innate in me and I was born with that door open and intact!

  4. C.J. says:

    Wonderful story! And yrs, I have no physical sense of smell. None at all. But Spirits routinely make their presence known to me, and their identity, through fragrances or other scents. My Mom died of lung cancer at age 63; had been a heavy smoker and her cigarette choice before she crossed over was Salem, very strong odor of menthol. When she first began to visit me, I would be inundated by the odor of menthol cigarettes and knew it was her, but I couldn’t tolerate the powerful smell and asked her to please give me a different smell. She immediately soaked me in a beautiful fragrance of roses. They are not my favorite flower, but she had requested that a single red rose be placed in her hands in her coffin, which we did. It’ been a long time, but she still visits, although now usually in dreams.

    I once did a reading for a young woman and had just closed my eyes to focus on spirit presence and was drowned in the delightful fragrance of ginger bread! My client was astonished. It was her deceased grandmother whom, she said, baked gingerbread with lemon sauce at least once a week! My hubby’s partner in the dental business had an unmistakable smell, and even hubby can smell him when he comes. Many, many more examples such as these. So Blah, for what it’s worth, they DO bring us identifying smells as well as other identifying stuff! Glorious proof of on-going life! 🙂

  5. Blah says:

    Early AM nice timing nice mag, barely believe it but go figure

  6. Shadow says:

    That is a fantastic series of event, and yes, I will stay tuned….

    ….I didn’t know smells were spirits? I’ve had this happen to me in the past, out-of-place smells that yank me to some very specific events/people, others to vague clips of ‘memories’.