A Climate Change Trickster


Air. Fire. Water. Earth. Our four elements. Since the beginning of the summer this year, 2017, these elements have driven home the message of climate change.

Air and water, let’s start there, with wind and flooding embodied in Hurricane Harvey, a cat 4 storm that slammed into Texas and made a loop back to Houston, where it dropped a total of 52 inches of rain.

Shortly afterward came Hurricane Irma, definitely an air event, with sustained winds of 185 mph for a record 36 hours. Irma hit Cuba with 155 mph winds, was supposed to hit the east coast of Florida, but stayed longer than expected over the northern coast of Cuba and made that turn later, sending it up Florida’s west coast. Eventually, it turned inland and struck Orlando as a cat 2 storm as well. The entire state of Florida was placed under a hurricane warning, prompting the largest evacuation in that state’s history.

Less than two weeks later, Hurricane Maria, another cat 5 storm, devastated Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands.

Mexico City was struck by a 7.1 quake on September 19 – an earth event, for sure. And now, we have a fire event in northern California, where 22 wildfires are burning out of control.

“By Wednesday morning, at least 3,500 homes and businesses had been destroyed and nearly 170,000 acres burned, according to Daniel Berlant of the California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection.” (Huffington Post)

So what does the Trump administration do with all this climate change evidence? On October 10, Scott Pruitt, head of the EPA and a climate change denier, released a proposal to eliminate the Clean Power Plan – “a set of Obama-era regulations aimed at slashing emissions from coal-fired power plants and boosting renewable energy production ― had yet to go into effect, after being temporarily blocked by the Supreme Court since February 2016.” This leaves the U.S. without any policy that addresses climate change.

The synchronicity, a sad trickster, is that Pruitt announced this in Hazard, Kentucky.

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10 Responses to A Climate Change Trickster

  1. Jane Clifford says:

    Do keep in mind weather manipulation producing these storms. I’m willing to predict within a few years the planet will be cooling and we will Ben facing the onset of an ice age . You heard it here first

  2. C.J. says:

    I agree with Darren. Christians are among the most hateful and often dangerous individuals on the planet. Throughout history, Christians have murdered hundreds of thousands people in the Name of their Messiah. I was born into and raised in a Southern Baptist home, and I thank the gods every single day that my parents were among the good and loving Christians. I left the church when I was 18, after my Dad transitioned, to begin my spiritual journey which has been endless and in which I’ve learned such a wide array of religious genres.

    As Darren pointed out, there ARE some wonderful Christians, as my parents were. Among those, as well, is my cardiologist, who is a dedicated Catholic. One of his seven sons recently attended the seminary in Rome (!!!!!) and was ordained here at our Cathedral Basilica….now, his son is Father Joseph. My cardiologist walks the walk as opposed to talking the talk, and “lives” his faith thru his medical practice.

    These beautiful folks are far and few between those who sit in the front pew on Sundays and then throughout the week are often terrible. I, too, embrace the conviction that this planet is alive, is a living entity that humans have abused, and she is conceivably restoring balance. I don’t sense she is nearly finished with her house-cleaning. I think it will continue with the current increasing intensity until she perceives her balance is restored.

  3. I too lived in the Bay area for 23 years – the best and most interesting time of my life. I am horrified to see that the town of Calistoga has to be evacuated. Whenever I did not feel well, mentally or physically, I would drive up to Calistoga through wine country and spend a day in the hot springs. I came home refreshed and renewed. I have a friend who now works at one of the wineries – no she isn’t at work, but has to wear a mask in the town she lives in. Between earth quakes, floods, fires and Trump we are enduring a collusion of disasters.

  4. lauren raine says:

    i lived in northern california, the bay area and mendocino county. it is so hard to hear about these places I have loved being destroyed, and seeing so many of my friends being evacuated. The places so familiar, so much a part of my life, in flames………
    It’s almost as if the spiteful, sociopath in the white house, and the people that surround him, WANT to see America destroyed, divided, want to hurt and kill people, want to literally end the world. It is beyond belief to me, and all the more since they shout “Jesus” while doing it. I sometimes wonder if he is auditioning for the leading role in an “antichrist” reality tv show.

    • Rob and Trish says:

      That’s right! I forgot that you lived in northern California!
      If the earth is conscious, and I believe it is, then isn’t it possible that its response to this administration with one disaster after another is also a reflection of what so many of us are feeling?
      An anti-christ reality show! Ssshhh. Don’t give the idiot child the idea.

    • Darren says:

      Mahatma Gandhi — ‘I like your Christ, I do not like your Christians.
      Your Christians are so unlike your Christ.’
      Ain’t that the truth?
      Although there are some Christians I like.

  5. C.J. says:

    Oh my gosh! A definite synchro here! When I got out of bed earlier and turned the computer on, I went straight to my email box and sent you, Trish and Rob, reporting planetary empath symptoms “raging out of control” with me, and even wrote that the PE symptoms could be relevant to the wildfires in CA, as I am having visions with the symptoms, which is new. I was interrupted by a phone call after sending you that email. Then came back to computer to open the blog and what did I find? Post regarding my PE symptoms! This pretty much clarifies and confirms the source of these current PE symptoms, which are disabling me. In the email I asked you if any of the other empaths are checking in with terrible symptoms. Can’t believe how closely my email resembles this post, and I give you my word I DID NOT read the blog before sending you the email.