Ordinary People Who Experience Extraordinary Things

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When ordinary people experience something extraordinary that defies what we are told is possible and true, something beyond strange, what’s actually going on? What’s the larger picture?

Take the experience of John Murphy, who in 1964 experienced the inexplicable and believes he walked 300 years into the past with a young woman he had just met. Not only did John and Barbara both feel an uncanny sense that they already knew each other, but during a walk they encountered a small 18th century British village with a church dominating the village square where they felt certain they’d lived before. They even recalled their lives as young married couple with children. Yet, when John returned to this location alone two days later, the village was gone. He later learned the village had been wiped out in a hurricane in the late 18th century.

It’s easy to dismiss this kind of story as factual. Even the person who experiences something like this eventually begins to doubt it when confronted with a consensus reality that insists time travel isn’t possible, except in fiction. We’ve been taught to discount the validity of our own experiences. Rather than face ridicule and derision from family and friends, who roll their eyes or laugh or shake their heads when we recount what happened, we keep the experience to ourselves. And yet, the experience haunts us. For John Murphy and Barbara, the emotional reality of that experience has persisted for decades.

Or take the experience that Priscilla had in the Florida Keys in the 1990s, when she was driving from Big Pine Key to Islamorada. Her car was surrounded by a thick fog through which she traveled for about a mile. As she came over a bridge and saw the hotel on Big Pine where she, her husband, and son were staying, she was terrified. She realized she had traveled the 58 miles between the two keys in less than 15 minutes.   

Fearing ridicule, Priscilla has rarely spoken about this experience outside of her family. And yet, the emotional reality of what happened has remained with her. Who are we to doubt that it happened?

Many facets of the paranormal – spirit communication, alien abduction, telekinesis, telepathy, remote viewing, precognition, hearing voices, take your pick – are viewed with suspicion and skepticism. Yet, the emotional reality of the experiences persist for the people who had them.

Perhaps these things happen to people whose consciousness isn’t as constrained by this consensus view that insists reality is simply what we experience with our five senses. Maybe that’s why synchronicity manifests itself so strongly in these incidents.

Throughout the years of our research into the nature of the phenomenon, we have found that emotions play a powerful role. Was John Murphy feeling a need for confirmation that he had lived before when he met Barbara? After all, what are the odds that he would meet this woman during his four days of leave in Bermuda? What are the odds that she, one of four student nurses in the US Navy Nurse Corps, would also be there? Synchronicities often involve great odds.

And what about Priscilla’s time-traveling episode? Are there some areas on the planet, like the Bermuda Triangle, where the convergence of energies create climates more conducive to this type of experience? And do these “climates” attract certain individuals?

And what about people who communicate with the dead? Or interact with aliens? Or sense the future? Or are telekinetic? Are they all nuts? Nobel prize winner Wolfgang Pauli wouldn’t think so about telekinesis. Equipment broke down so often in his presence that his scientific colleagues started referring to it as “The Pauli Effect,” and some of them forbade him from entering the lab.

Every day, ordinary people from a spectrum of cultures, beliefs, and ethnic backgrounds experience things that are beyond strange. Perhaps they are the true pioneers of the 21st century, the ones who are busting through existing paradigms about the nature of reality. It’s important that we listen to them and try to understand their experiences.


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