Trump, Nixon, and Global Synchros

Announcement that Nixon is resigning


A global synchro occurs when an event of a huge magnitude occurs, one that receives a tremendous amount of media attention, and a pattern of meaningful coincidences unfold related to the event.

That’s the case with the surprising and unexpected firing of FBI director James Comey by Trump, whose administration just happened to be under investigation for dealings with Russia that could have served to assist Putin in undermining our democracy. The synchros deal with some interesting parallels between the Watergate investigation that led to Nixon’s resignation and the possible collusion between the Trump administration and Russia. It involves two numbers – 18 and 23.

During Watergate, it was the 18-minute gap in the Watergate tapes that proved to be crucial in Nixon’s impeachment/resignation.

In the Trump administration, 18 days passed between when Sally Yates went to the White House and told Trump’s chief counselor that Michael Flynn should not be National Security Advisor because he could be compromised (blackmailed) by Russia and when Flynn was fired by the administration. And then he was fired only after the media got hold of the story and revealed that Flynn met with the Russians several times during the campaign.

These two have been mentioned in media reports.  Rob and I were talking about the 18 minutes/18 days synchro and I remarked that I felt there would be more synchros like this. Sure enough, the big news today (May 9) was that Trump fired FBI director James Comey – just as Nixon fired special prosecutor Archibald Cox in order to stop the FBI investigation into the tapes.

Then, this evening, we were watching the Rachel Maddow show, I think it was, where a presidential historian she was talking with mentioned June 23, 1972. That was the day that a recording made in the Oval Office,  now known as the Smoking Gun Tape, between President Nixon and his Chief of Staff, H.R. Haldeman  ultimately resulted in Nixon’s resignation.

That date, June 23, is key. The day after Trump was inaugurated, Rob made a prediction that Trump would be gone – resignation, impeachment, whatever – by June 23. He said it off the top of his head, while we were at the Women’s March in West Palm Beach. So that’s three synchros – Cox/Comey firings, 18 minutes and 18 days, and June 23, ’73 and June 23, ‘17. The last one is more of a potential synchro and may be a trickster – i.e., ha-ha, folksgood try but sorry – where nothing happens.  But one thing is fairly certain – there will be more synchros related to all this.

Stay tuned!

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  1. Dale Dassel says:

    This is getting GOOD!

  2. blah says:

    hey.. you guys notice the one.. well let’s C.. another step….plum pudding?!?!

  3. blah says:

    Hey,, you guys notice the one involving,,, Oh let’s C… hmmmm!! plum pudding…. it be a 4 edged (or so) sword……