Madeline, the Turtle & a Precognition


On the second Thursday of every month, Orlando holds something called Wine Walk. People who attend pay $10 that entitles them to free drinks at the various participating restaurants, bars, and businesses along the route. Vendors set up booths and exhibits along the route, a great way to advertise your products, whatever they are.

Megan sets up on the front porch of Wolfgang Bakery, a doggie bakery, and since her exhibit is about personalized pet portraits, she has a built-in audience. She asks people to sign up for a free raffle and if their raffle ticket is chosen in the drawing, they win a free pet portrait on a wine glass. We helped her set up for the October Wine Walk and brought the dogs, of course. Here’s Noah, incognito:


On this particular evening, she brought along a pet portrait a woman had commissioned as a result of last month’s Wine Walk and had just finished up a wine glass for a woman who had won the raffle in September. The pet on the glass is the woman’s turtle.


“What’s the turtle’s name?” Rob asked.

“I don’t know,” Megan replied. “Something like Madeline. Too long to get onto a wine glass.”

The Wine Walk went great, Megan collected 300 emails, held the raffle, and this morning, sent out a mass emailing reminding people that if they wanted pet portraits to give as Christmas gifts, they should put in their orders. Within a few hours, she got a commission for two dogs on her largest canvas. It came from a friend of the woman who had picked up her dog portrait the night before. Megan texted us as we were driving home:

Here’s a synchro. Dad asked me what the turtle’s name was and I said, randomly, Madeline. That’s not the name, but it just popped into my head. Madeline is the name of the person who just ordered the big painting.

 This synchro also qualifies as a precognition. The commission from Madeline came in about three hours after Rob had asked the turtle’s name.

This one, as with many of these synchros, begs the question: Who or what is orchestrating this stuff, anyway?

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One Response to Madeline, the Turtle & a Precognition

  1. Jon says:

    Your daughter’s art is unusual and beautiful. Interesting precognition!