Shampooch in Orlando


Over the weekend of September 24-25, we went to Orlando to help our daughter set up an exhibit of her art at a charity event for the rescue of small dogs. It was called Shampooch and all dogs, of course, were welcome.

Part of Summerlin Avenue was blocked off and exhibitors set up their booths on either side of the road. We arrived at 7:30 – the event started at 9 a.m. Some exhibits, like Megan’s, were pet-related.



Others were for jewelry, clothing, art, even an exhibit for hot pepper jelly!


Orlando is great at setting up these kinds of community events and when dogs are welcome, hundreds of people turn out. Megan does a raffle for a free wine glass with your pet’s portrait on it, so she collected plenty of email addresses and will do the raffle in the next few days and notify the lucky winner. Here are a wine glass and coffee mug with Nika’s image painted on them:


We took Noah and Nika down to the shampoo area, paid ten bucks per shampoo, and volunteers bathed them. Noah was NOT happy with a bunch of strangers touching him, much less shampooing him, but Nika basked in the attention.



The cutest photo of the day was this one:


There’s no synchro that I can recall pertaining to this post, but it was just a fun dog day!









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  1. Darren B says:

    Re: “There’s no synchro that I can recall pertaining to this post”.
    There might be when you take your last post about
    Fred Allan WOLF (sound a dog makes?) into account.
    I had never heard of Wolf’s book “The Dreaming Universe”, so I Googled around and came across a You Tube where a very apprehensive looking Jeffery Mishlove (I’ve never seen Jeff look so uncomfortable interviewing anyone on his show before) is asking Wolf about this book –
    Wolf talks about being given a “skin name” by the indigenous Australians, which means they didn’t trust him and would have told him nothing worth knowing.
    “Thus the practice emerged of non-Aboriginal being given skin names.
    Some non-Aboriginal people have mistakenly believed that this is a sign of acceptance by the people. It is truer to say that it is a mechanism Aboriginal people have employed to make their dealings with non-Aboriginal more comfortable for themselves, even though non-Aboriginal, through their ignorance, continually give offense under this system.”
    In Australia a Dingo (native Australian dog) is the shamanic equivalent of a coyote and is considered a trickster , so it sounds like the trick is on Wolf as far as what they would have shared with him goes.
    They would have seen right through Wolf and told him nothing of value as far as their shamanic practices go.
    The video of Wolf’s is still worth a look at though, even if he is only repeating what is just common knowledge over here and if he thinks the world was at crisis point in 2010, then we can expect a lot of UFO sightings in the next few months I reckon.

    • Rob and Trish says:

      Thanks for this info, daz!

    • Rob and Trish says:

      Interesting that Mishlove seemed apprehensive interviewing Wolf. That’s something of a synchronicity for Trish and I because we had some dealings with the man related to an inquiry about the possibility of getting Wolf to endorse our upcoming book, Sensing the Future. We found him quite prickly and self-involved and demanding to know in detail what we said about him in the book, and basically telling us he probably wouldn’t provide the blurb, anyhow. After several rounds with him, we finally let it drop.Not surprising the Aborigines gave him a skin name.

  2. Nancy says:

    Looks like fun! Love the mugs and glasses.

  3. Laurence Zankowski says:


    All dogs go to Heaven especially after a bath!

  4. c.j. says:

    Even though the pooch event took place before Hurricane Matthew rampaged through our state, looking at these great photos NOW really lifts our spirits and brings a smile!
    Gotta face it….our canine and feline family members own our hearts! Kind of a synchro, but maybe not, as I was laying in bed last nite waiting for elusive sleep, I was thinking about the lost pets who had somehow disappeared during Nature’s wrath and whose humans are frantically trying to find them. Some have been located and are none the worse for wear, thank goodness! I don’t know what I would do if my girl Storm wasn’t with me! Love this post, and Megan is soooooooo talented! Thank you for the morning smiles!

  5. I loved seeing all that is going on there. Fun fun fun in the sun!

  6. DJan says:

    I just love all these pictures, Trish. And yes, that last one is so cute! Very catchy name for the event, too. 🙂