Meditation and Synchronicity


I recently read an article in an on-line journal called Waking Times by Dr. Robert Puff, PhD that linked synchronicity and meditation.

He writes: “Because meditation is such a powerful force for change, and helpful in countless ways, I wonder if God perhaps gives back to us. Synchronous events let us know that we are on the right track and encourage us to continue meditating. In my experience, they happen with greater frequency the more I meditate.”

He goes on to say: “There’s only one person who can validate or disqualify the claim that synchronicity increases the more you meditate. That person is you. One way to measure this is by keeping a notebook where you record so-called coincidences or out-of-the-ordinary moments. As you commit to meditation, see if these don’t happen more often…. Suspend judgment for a while and just give it a try.”

That’s a self-help mode, which is fine. But what about a broader experimental approach?

Meditation has been the subject of numerous scientific studies that have documented that meditation can reduce stress and anxiety, lower blood pressure, increase blood flow and lower the heart rate, enhances energy, strength and vigor. Those are just a few of the well documented results.

So why not measure the relationship between meditation and synchronicity? Such an experiment would require a group of people meditating a certain amount of time per day, and a control group made up of people who don’t meditate. However, both groups would need to be equally informed about synchronicity, and told to watch for coincidences.

It would be useful to also have a third group consisting of people who are not informed in advance that the experiment relates to synchronicity. The third group, in fact, might be key. The experiment very likely might reveal that awareness, more than meditation, is a key factor in a person’s ability to experience synchronicity and a determinant of how often they are experienced. After all, if you don’t pay attention to such ephemeral matters, there is no synchronicity.

Any thoughts on such an experiment?


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4 Responses to Meditation and Synchronicity

  1. blah says:

    blah blah never had a good meditation session in his life… so he might suspect… YET… synchronicities L N O… so it seems….

  2. c.j. says:

    Like Adele, I am in an altered state while writing, but in certain genres: poetry and short stories and even often when working with number frequencies. There are times when I honestly don’t have any clue what I have written until my brain is out of alpha and back in the beta level of consciousness. This isn’t something I do intentionally. It simply happens, and is accompanied by synchronicities. I also experience synchros relative to my sleeping dreams, and when listening to the classical music I love so much, which never fails to put me into a meditative state and the synchros occur during and after. Some of the synchros are tiny; some are earth-shattering, usually in a positive way, and it isn’t possible to ignore them. One such synchro is indelible in my mind. It is unforgettable. When my deceased beloved physician from my young adulthood came to me in a sleeping dream in June, 2013, and told me he had transitioned….( there had been no communication between us for years and years)….. in the dream he showed me a true memory of an actual event. In the incident, my husband and I were walking up the plush red carpet into the grand LOWE’S Theater in Atlanta, and we passed Dr. X and his wife coming OUT of the theater on the red carpet. When I woke up, I knew I must confirm, somehow, that he had indeed passed, and in my search for that confirmation, I looked for his name in Intelius People Search online and found his location. I phoned the newspaper in the small GA town where he lived. The newspaper obit editor told me she would need a DATE of his death, which I didn’t have, and she suggested I phone the two funeral homes in the little town. One of the funeral homes was named LOWE’S, and when I called there, the lovely woman didn’t even have to look into their archives when I gave her his name. She said, “Oh, yes, Mrs. C. Dr. X passed away last week, on June 16. Would you like for me to send you a copy of his obituary?” Of course I said “please”, but when I hung up, I was stunned by the synchro….in any event I PERCEIVED it as one….that the final time I had seen him in this life years ago was at LOWE’S Theater in Atlanta, and the funeral home that had cared for his final arrangements was LOWE’S” in a little S. GA town far from Atlanta. No way, absolutely no way, was that a “coincidence”. Since then, he and I maintain a flowing back and forth communication between his current dimension of non-corporeal existence and my corporeal existence. Our communication is filled to the brim with undeniable synchronicites. They are very real…….and I am amazed by them.

  3. I experience the act of creating art as a meditative process. I have synchronicities frequently. I don’t need to prove it. They happen. I also notice that interacting on the Internet allows for many synchros.

    I once attended a seminar with Joseph Campbell in San Francisco where he was asked if he meditated. He said something to the effect that he did not (in a formal sense) because he was in a meditative state when writing.

  4. debra page says:

    His test is scientific method. Allot of work but it may be helpful.
    Personally, I have more synchros with the practice of meditation.

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