Biggest Book of Horoscopes Ever!


The Biggest Book of Horoscopes Ever will be published on September 13 by Page Street Publishing. It’s a big book, all right, 528 pages , and includes three years of monthly predictions – 2017-2019 – for all 12 signs. I spent most of 2015 researching and writing it and enjoyed every second of it. It made me delve into the larger astrological picture for the next three years.

We certainly live in interesting times and the challenges during 2017-2019 will be abundant for most of us. The way we meet and deal with these challenges depends on who we are at our core, in the innermost heart of ourselves. It depends on our fundamental beliefs about the nature of reality. Do we create the scripts of our lives? If we do and we don’t like the script we’re living, how can we change it? Improve it? Revise it?

When we’re confronted with a difficulty, do we hide? Do we pull the covers over our heads and hope that when we wake up things will be better? Do we take action? Place blame on others? Take zero responsibility for our own part in the difficulty? Do we pay attention to the synchronicities that unfold and allow them to act as guides, confirmations?

For Carl Jung, astrology fell under the broad umbrella of synchronicity, the term he coined. He defined synchronicity as the coming together of inner and outer events in a way that is meaningful to the observer and can’t be explained by cause and effect. In terms of astrology, why should the positions of planets at the moment you draw your first breath have any effect on you at all? And yet, they do. Even on the most superficial level – sun signs – each of us usually can identify with the general description, the archetype, of the sign.

 From the introductions to the three years:


“The year begins with Mercury retrograde in Capricorn, then moving back into Sagittarius on January 4, and turning direct in that sign on January 8. It means the year may be off to a slow start, with things not falling into place the way we would like. After January 8, the pace picks up. Be sure to check on the specifics for your sign in the monthly roundups.”


“For most of this year, until November 8, expansive Jupiter is in Scorpio. Everyone benefits from a Jupiter transit, but for water and earth signs, this transit is especially powerful. Some of the luckiest times this year are when Venus and Jupiter travel together through Scorpio. This happens between September 9 and October 30.”


“Overall, 2019 features interesting changes in the slower moving planets. In December, expansive Jupiter enters earth sign Capricorn, sure to be positive for all earth and water signs. It joins Pluto in that sign. Uranus also enters earth sign Taurus for the second time and remains there for the next seven years. This transit should be exciting for all earth and water signs.”

If, as the saying goes, timing is everything, then the transits of the planets can certainly help you determine when to act and, as Henry Miller so famously said, when to stand “as still as the hummingbird.”

The book is available for preorders on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Indie Bound, an organization of independent bookstores.

Since preorders are important in terms of sales, I’m offering an incentive. If you preorder the book between now and September 12th (the day before it is released), please email me your order confirmation at I’ll enter your name into a drawing. Ironically, at least for me, the book is being released under a Mercury retrograde in Virgo, a sign Mercury rules, not a good time for the release of a book. Fortunately, it turns direct nine days later, on September 22. So on September 23, I’ll pick three of the names.

These three individuals will receive personalized interpretations of their natal charts with 3 months of predictions. These interps won’t be from an astrology program, but will come from my decades of experience as an astrologer. I’ll need the date, place, and exact time of your birth. It should be on your birth certificate, but if it isn’t, ask mom, dad, a sibling. The time is vital because the degree of the rising or ascendant in a birth chart changes every four minutes and the ascendant sets up the chart.

These reports usually run from 8-12 single spaced pages and include the daily motion of the planets, the new and full moons, the retrograde periods, and your progressed chart, which narrows timing to about a month. In other words, the report pinpoints potential. What you do with that potential is up to you, your free will.

Thanks for your support of my new book, The Biggest Book of Horoscopes Ever!



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9 Responses to Biggest Book of Horoscopes Ever!

  1. c.j. says:

    You’re very welcome, Sheila! While I tend to have the conviction that each individual situation regarding the timing of both birth and transition back into Spirit varies, I’ve read a few authors who describe the process as being more or less a “contract” between the mother’s and child’s souls prior to both incarnations. This seems to me to be logical, as it involves the free will of both souls. And of course, our memories of these pre-birth
    “designs” are not remembered once we are in the body. Intriguing subject!

  2. lauren raine says:

    Congratulations – what an accomplishment! Here’s wishing you the greatest success in the publication of your new book. How prolific you both are. I don’t know a whole lot about astrology, but I do agree with Jung’s analysis that synchronicity is at work.

    By the way, lately I keep finding feathers everywhere! On the doorsteps, in strange places. Need to find out what that means!

  3. c.j. says:

    Must make a quick comment. In my own life, I carried my first child, a son, for ten months AFTER the OB/GYN confirmed the pregnancy with a bloodtest, done back then. It goes without saying that after the birth I spent 32 days in intensive care due to myriad life-threatening complications. Won’t go into details. What I need to say is that at least in my situation, it was NOT my (the mother’s) free will at work. I desperately wanted and needed him to be born when he should have been born. The doctor, who was a quack, did not induce labor until that tenth month, when he began pitocin drip that lasted 72 hours. My son was born at 12:01 midnight. His soul did not want to be Pisces. The Sun moved into Aries just prior to his finally emerging. My personal opinion is that the Mother’s free will and desire is pre-empted by the free will and desire of the incoming soul….the baby. So, I think the timing was out of Sheila’s mother’s hands. It was Sheila’s choice to be born at the moment she was born. For what it’s worth….maybe nothing….that’s my opinion based n my own experience although it may not be universal.

    • Sheila Joshi says:

      That’s an interesting idea, CJ. I have always assumed that it was a struggle between my mother and me, and that I wanted to be born earlier, but at least manage to insist on the day. 🙂

      I’ll ponder your interpretation, though — that 11:50 was my full preference. Very thought-provoking. Thank you.

  4. DJan says:

    Now you’ve gotten me interested enough to go look deeper into the book. You sure do accomplish great things, Trish. This book sounds fascinating to me. Off to check it out on Amazon. 🙂

  5. Nancy says:

    Thanks, Trish. With my life being blown up this year, I look forward to seeing (hoping) what the next few years will bring. I’ll get one for Jen, as well. I’m sure it’s going to come in handy as we all navigate this wild ride we call life.

  6. Sheila Joshi says:

    Congratulations, Trish! What a lot of work! I’m so glad you enjoyed it so much! And what a fascinating way to look at the next few years.

    I have a question which I’ve been waiting to ask an experienced astrologer. I was born at 11:50 pm, but I know for a fact that my mother tried hard to keep me in longer, because if I had been born the next day, we would have gotten a prize from the hospital.

    Does this mean that my “real” birth time would have been earlier? Or is 11:50 pm the birth time I was destined to have, even though my mothers’s free will was clearly in play?

    Or is there a way in which I have two birth times? Someone once did a chart for me based on an Indian astrological system and being born ten minutes earlier would have made a huge difference in the tone of my whole chart.

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