Back to the Future Day!

Know what today is? It’s Back to the Future day – October 21, 2015, the day in the classic film that Marty McFly and Doc Brown traveled to in 1989’s “Back to the Future Part 2.” The film also supposedly predicted 911.

Here’s a link to the Washington Post article and of course, here’s the video made by the synchromystic folks. We first saw a bit about this on the news this evening then our blogging friend Darren from Australia alerted us to the article and you tube link. Thanks, Daz! It’s nice to see synchronicity gaining a larger audience.


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  1. Darren B says:

    Hey Trish if you think that 9/11 BTTF clip was trippy then buckle up for some real cosmic weirdness by watching Jake Kotze’s latest video –

  2. Vicki DeLaurentis-momwithwings says:

    Wow. As you know I had a vision of the towers in flames and collapsing back in the early ’90’s. I walked around with this “knowledge” trying to find others who had also had this vision.
    When the towers fell, I touched the TV Screen as I recognized it.
    I live on Long Island and we lost one father but all of us were touched by this. My husband lost several business associates.
    For weeks you could “smell” death.
    In the above clip, when they show the person hanging by their feet, it looked more to me like the people who fell to their deaths.
    I can tell you that this event was being planned and thought of years before it happened.
    I don’t quite get the connection to “The Walk”.
    I’m a bit freaked out about all of this….what’s coming next?

  3. Darren B says:

    You can listen to Joe Alexander give his reasons for making the video in this podcast here, by clicking on this link –
    The You Tube has had over 0ne million hits, so far.

  4. This is so weird – fascinating, thought provoking, impossible to fully understand, something we want to understand.

  5. That was pretty cool.
    In my home I have my husbands access cards to WTC in March and April of 2001, and I have a personal business connection to the failed bombing in 1992. On 9/11/01, two of our daughters took their dad’s access cards to WTC with them to school as they left for the bus that day with only news of one plane having hit the towers. As their dad had been a pilot their whole lives – a plane crash wasn’t huge. As we’d lived in NJ for 15 years, NYC was known to be a hot-bed target in the terrorist agenda.

    9/11 hit our family hard because we had been locals and connected, for more than a decade, and marginally aware of international events. So while I like all the synchronistic mystery and sound track I am not thrilled with the – pawn to fate – flavor requirement for the ascension of humanity. Sorry – my rant. I know a lot of people need that and I need to temper my opinions so they are of value to the mass.
    Or maybe… not.

  6. lauren raine says:

    Fascinating synchronicities and dream like archetypes playing out in the video. It seems to me that artists often have a kind of “future memory” in the creative process – perhaps in engaging the creative flow this is something that often happens to people. Sounds like the director may be cognizant of this now in his new movie, but certainly was engaging in some way with “the collective consciousness” in the past. I wish the video maker was not so involved in “explaining it” toward the end, it would give his discoveries much better credibility. Because I’m not sure in these experiences we can “explain” it……….

  7. Shadow says:

    Great Scott!! This is pretty weird. Love the movie though. All of them.

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