Rules on the Other Side


A paranormal investigator who supposedly made contact with a ghost girl says she revealed the existence of  rules the dead must follow in dealing with physical beings.

Chris Bores, a paranormal investigator and author of Ghost Hunting 2.0, decided to try out a new technique for contacting the dead at a lighthouse in St. Augustine, Florida that is said to be haunted. By using EMF detectors, Bores and other investigators made contact with the spirit of a young girl named Eliza and were able to interact with her for ninety minutes. During that time, Bores said he learned new information about life after death.

Eliza’s answers to their questions seemed to indicate that there were actual rules to the afterlife regarding matters that spirits needed to keep hidden from the living. Bores made his comments in a radio interview with George Noorey on Coast to Coast.

One of the questions he asked the spirit girl was: “Is being alive the same as being dead?”

“That question brought the conversation to a complete halt – things just stopped. And I couldn’t figure out why.” Worried that he had embarrassed Eliza or scared her away, Bores resumed asking the phantasm what he called fluff questions.

After ten minutes, he decided to ask a deeper question again. “Do you have a body?’ She then went silent again.

Bores was baffled and wondered what these questions had in common. “I started to think maybe she’s not allowed to talk about this stuff.”

Another 10 minutes passed before he lured her back into the room. This time, he asked: “Are there certain things you’re not allowed to tell us?” That’s when the EMF meter spiked.

He pushed ahead with another question. “Okay, are there rules to the afterlife?” The meter spiked again. Then he asked: “Are there certain things we as humans are not supposed to know about?’” The meter spiked for a third time.

Bores told Noorey that one of the other investigators asked: “Will you get in trouble if you talk about these things?’

“And wouldn’t you know it – the meter spiked again! These answers to those questions really blew us away,” Bores said “It really opened the door for deeper discussions…What are these rules that they have to follow? And since there are rules – who’s policing the afterlife? How will they be punished? And it just led me on a search to find the answers to these questions.”

To hear more of the interview with Chis Bores, click here.

I don’t know much about the EMF technique for communicating with spirits, but it sounds like a high tech version of a Ouija board. And possibly, like Ouija boards, you could get misleading answers. In other words, the dead playing games with the living. However, maybe there are such rules related to interacting with the physical world. I’ve actually heard this before in reference to why spirits don’t manifest as physical beings when they want to make contact. Supposedly, it’s possible, but it violates…yes, the rules.

Anyone, have thoughts on the matter on this Halloween, when the veil between worlds is said to be the thinnest?



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13 Responses to Rules on the Other Side

  1. Oh dear, I’ve never liked rules, even in this life! I would have thought someone in the spirit world would have broken any rules that there may be – if indeed there are any. I do feel, though, that perhaps we aren’t supposed to know certain things until we are ready to receive and comprehend them. This also applies to things earthly as well.

    • Rob and Trish says:

      I’m with you, Mike! Most rules should be broken. And it does seem that we learn things only when we’re ready to receive the knowledge.

  2. c.j. cannon says:

    “Rules of the Afterlife”…….As a born medium, I’ve had more communications with discarnates than I can count. One particular fact seems prevalent, though, and it is that there are numerous dimensions where Spirits reside, and that the specific dimension where the Spirit resides has its own various ways of Beingness and also of contact with In other words, there doesn’t seem to be a “one size fits all” set of rules and regulations, or even of how, when, where and under what circumstances each may be able to be perceived. I am often surprised by the differences, but WOW!, is it ever an on-going learning experience!!

    • Rob and Trish says:

      It would be very disappointing if the afterlife featured a bureaucracy with officious spirits in charge of keeping the order, and telling everyone what they could do and could not do. No doubt there is room for such a place in the afterlife, and it’s probably half-way to hell.

  3. c.j. cannon says:

    YES, INDEED!!!! Eliza lives in the old restored house at the Lighthouse here in St. Augustine. Our oldest son Chris worked there for seven years and her presence is very, very real. He saw her often. She doesn’t appear as a “ghostly image” when she is seen, (she appears corporeal but isn’t), and she is seen often. Her dress is blue with puffy sleeves and drops to her ankles; she has the shoulder-length curls popular around the turn of the century ….late 1800s or so. She likes to walk in the halls of the house, and she enjoys rocking in the rocking chairs .She has been seen dancing and skipping in the halls. She shows no fear of “living” humans. She actually behaves as an incarnate child, and there are many photos of her taken by professional ghost hunters (soul rescue folks) as well as by visitors to the center. She goes to the basement of the house, which is not a typical basement, as we don’t have those here due to the sand foundations. Eliza laughs. She speaks. But although she is clearly seen doing these acts, her voice cannot be heard without electronic equipment. She CAN be felt. Her presence brings a drop in temperature, but she is not at all hostile. Multiple attempts have been made over the years by experts to try to move her into the Afterlife, but she continues to remain in her chosen space. Although she is seen on the grounds of the Lighthouse and its adjoining residence, she doesn’t venture into the Lighthouse itself. She seems frightened by the high tower and its brilliant turning light. Very often, the ghost hunters have attempted to call her out on Halloween, but she refuses to appear on this day,( perhaps because she is afraid of the costumes?) yet sometimes will appear if she is called by her name on most other occasions and also on her own whims. Eliza is the “mascot ghost” in St. Augustine, which has been named as one of the top five most haunted cities in the country. HAPPY HALLOWEEN, everyone! Blessed Be.

  4. blah blah,,, says:

    seems their aloud to flatten tires and knick windshields with pebbles…..

  5. DJan says:

    I haven’t got a clue, but I do know that my dreams of my loved ones on the other side get really rich and full at this time. I do wonder who might be in charge of the afterlife. There is so much we just don’t know.

  6. Shadow says:


    ….to feel the night. That is all. Find out what I can perceive…

  7. “We are all spiritual beings having a human experience to become more spiritual.”

    Those are not my words but they are my belief. I am often fascinated at the objective to make spiritual concepts limited to a human experience. It’s why I love what you write here, and how you present it. Thank You, for doing what you do. Happy Halloween!