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Today while I was driving over to Barnes & Noble, I set an intention: that the bookstore angel (sibling of the library angel) would point out an insightful book about manifestation.

After cruising through the new fiction section, I made my way to the back of the store where the nonfiction that interests me is shelved. New Age, astrology and divination books, philosophy, and a relatively new category at B&N called Living the Best Life You Can Live. One of the three books that caught my attention is called The One Command: Six Steps to Attract Wealth with the Power of Your Mind by Asara Lovejoy.

The concept isn’t new. Since Napoleon Hill wrote about it in Think and Grow Rich, countless others have taken a stab at the same idea. I was curious what the author had to say that might be different from what I’d read before, so I read the back cover, looked at the table of contents, read the introduction, then opened the book at random to a section called Success Story. There are a number of success story sections in the book and I’m not sure which one I turned to, but it may have been the one below, which involved a synchro.

A teenage girl and her mother were shopping at the mall and the daughter told her mom she wanted a job so she could buy herself some clothes. The mother had been using the One Command process and told her daughter she’d been using the technique to manifest some things for herself and that she could show it to her.

The daughter said, “Okay,” and her mom walked her through the Six Steps. She Commanded, I don’t know how I have a job, I only know that I do now, and I am fulfilled.

While mom and daughter still talking about the daughter getting a job, they walked into the daughter’s favorite clothing store. The owner had overheard their conversation and told the girl that the store was adding staff this week and if she wanted a job, she should fill out an application and she would be hired. The daughter left the store with a job. “This is just too spooky, Mom, but I like it.”

As soon as I read the story, I wondered what the Six Steps and the One Command were and decided to buy the book. I’m now more than halfway through it. Some of the ideas are those we have all heard before about the law of attraction, our core beliefs as magnetizers, and how we create our realities through our thoughts and beliefs. However, Asara Lovejoy’s process is unique and grew out of a desperate financial situation in which she found herself.

The central idea is simple and involves a particular brain wave. The brain emits electrical charges in cycles per second. Beta waves, our normal waking consciousness, oscillates at 13-30 cycles per second. It’s the level of consciousness from which we live most of the time, meeting challenges and finding solutions. Alpha waves are measured at 7-13 cycles per seconds and are present when we meditate or daydream. Theta waves oscillate at 4-7 cycles per second and is what the author calls our Source Mind; delta waves oscillate at .01-4 cycles per second and are associated with deep sleep. Gamma brain waves are a relatively new research area, are the fastest documented brain wave frequency and are associated with intelligence, compassion, and linking and processing information from other parts of the brain.

Lovejoy contends that the beta state of consciousness is “the most limited and smallest sphere of influence you have, and is tied to the fearful thoughts in the mundane world and the collective mind… This is where you experience struggle and opposition.” Beta is where we spend 99 percent of our time trying to figure out our problems and while it’s a wonderful state for action, it’s the “least resourceful state for attracting that next level of our achievement or unexpected gifts.”

So her technique involves accessing the theta brain wave, “the path to your immeasurable good,” and involves six steps. On six separate sheets of paper, write the words GROUND, ALIGN, GO TO THETA, COMMAND, EXPAND, RECEIVE WITH GRATITUDE. It’s best to work with a partner and use Lovejoy’s script for each step. But you can also do it on your own once you know the steps.

Place the sheets of paper in a row on the floor. Before you step onto the sheet that says GROUND, think of what you want, and phrase it this way: I don’t know how my (income increases, my health improves, my book sells, my marriage flourishes). I only know that it does and I am fulfilled.

The actual physical steps from one sheet of paper to the next only has to be done two or three times. After that, your inner intelligence can do it without the physical steps.

GROUND: you ground yourself through the earth – its magnetic field, it strength, its life-giving properties.

ALIGN: Here, you align with this earth energy as it flows up through your body and into your heart

GO TO THETA: As you imagine a field of energy flowing through you, down into the earth, and back up through your body and out of the top of your head, let your eyes look upward as your lids are closed. This is where you connect with the theta brainwave.

ONE COMMAND: Hold the thought of what you want to create

Take a look at the video where she talks about the process:

 EXPAND: Let your idea grow larger than what you initially conceived

RECEIVE IN GRATITUDE: Just what it sounds like: thank you.

The wording of the Command is important. Lovejoy says that the words, I don’t know how…. trips up the ego and enables the Theta to take over. Everything should be stated in present tense.

So, we’ve doing the activity. Does it work? Yes. Less than 24 hours after buying the book, we received a wire transfer for several thousand dollars, a royalty payment we hadn’t expected. We’ll be doing this daily and will report back. If any of you have success with her techniques, let us know!


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11 Responses to The One Command

  1. Jane says:

    Just seen this. I practised this technique regularly some years ago. I don’t recall great success with it & haven’t had stunning success with similar techniques, theta brain wave training, subliminal a etc. delighted you manifested an unexpected cheque.perhaps I will try again with this and see if I manifest some cash!

  2. Laurence Zankowski says:

    For me it seems that this fits into the same duo type of protocol as I posted in my previous response with dowsing and RV.

    Austin Osman Spare and his sigil magick ( Megan should look him up just as an artist, his skill set was right up there with Mucha/Maynard Dixon ) and this fresh approach that has its links back to TMI. I am game! Will let you know how this works.
    Be well


    • Rob and Trish says:

      It has been working for us. The proof really is in the results! Good luck and let us know.

      • Laurence Zankowski says:

        Bought ( ordered has not arrived yet) the book. I am going to do this outside on a flag patio that is nearly 100 years old. I will designate flagstone appropriately . Barefoot and early morning . There is something about a chi exercise that said it is best to do the morning ritual before 10 am. And face the rising sun. Okay, I will call upon the old ones, the guides and angels. Right intent.

        Be well


        • Rob and Trish says:

          Here’s a synchro for you, Laurence. I just asked Rob if he’d had a chance to respond to an earlier comment you made, and he went looking for it. Then your comment here shows up. This technique is working for us. I hope it works for you, too.

  3. Thanks for that, and the video, very interesting.

  4. Shadow says:

    You are a treasure trove of information, Thank You!

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