UFOs or Secret Crafts?


I guess it could be considered a synchronicity when two emails arrive within a few days of each other that address the same question. Both writers had seen something unusual in the sky and pondered whether it was a UFO, an object from out of this world, or a secret experimental military craft. Interestingly, both emails came from people who have had previous dealings with UFOs.

The first story comes from Bruce Gernon, an experienced pilot and co-author (with Rob) of THE FOG, a non-fiction book about the Bermuda Triangle based on Bruce experiences and those of other pilots. Here’s what Bruce wrote:

“On August 25, 2015 I witnessed a UFO in the day time for the first time. I have seen many UFO’s over the past 59 years but they have always been at night time.

“My wife and I were driving back from the Florida Keys, but she didn’t see it because she was busy talking on her cell phone. It was around 6:00 pm and we were west of Miami, along the edge of the Everglades. The craft was about mile or two away from us and flying straight and level at about two or three thousand feet. It was heading in a northeasterly direction toward Miami International Airport, so I thought it was a commercial jetliner on the initial approach to land.

“There was an isolated thunderstorm just west of it that had just minutes before produced three large lighting bolts from within the storm. I noticed that the bolts were quite large considering the small size of the storm, which was only producing a light rain.

“When I first spotted the craft, it was bright silver. I thought it was an aircraft with a shinny sealed aluminum exterior that was reflecting the sun directly into my eyes. It looked to be the size of a jumbo jet.

“It cruised at about 200 knots for about ten seconds, then it made an abrupt maneuver, an upward sweeping turn toward the northwest. As it turned I noticed that it was shaped like a boomerang, much like the first flying saucers that Kenneth Arnold encountered in 1948. The shinny silver color seemed to fade to gray and it made an incredible high G upward turn and entered into the heart of the storm and disappeared.

“After witnessing this event I thought it might have been some form of lightning—like ball lightning, which I’ve seen several times, and even photographed it. It has always been inside a thunderstorm and it has always appeared spherical in shape. But this object looked more like a streamlined B2 bomber. If it wasn’t an unusual form of lightning, could it have been some secret advanced Air Force craft or a drone?

“I’d recently read  about Kenneth Arnold’s famous sighting, and saw illustrations of the crafts. Surprisingly, they looked like what I’d just seen. If they’re the same, then the UFO I saw – orones like it – have been visiting us for a long time.”

The other e-mail had arrived a few days earlier and was from Joe McMoneagle, who is well known for his participation in Project Stargate, the army and CIA’s psychic spying program that existed under various names from 1978 to 1995. Joe was known as Remote Viewer #001, the first to join, the longest to remain, and probably the best.

Rob was recently exchanging e-mails with Joe about a new book, Remote Viewing: UFOs and the Visitors, by Tunde Atunrase, that featured double-blind targets that were given to Joe. All Joe works with is a sealed envelope, containing the description of the target,with a series of numbers on the outside. He only sees are the numbers, the envelope remains sealed.

The book includes some famous cases, including the Travis Walton mystery and the Rendlesham Forest Incident. In the latter case – again not knowing what was inside the envelope or even who it was from – Joe described a ‘top secret unmanned remote controlled craft.’ In other words, a drone.

Subsequently, Rob asked Joe if he knew anything about a supposed secret military program related to UFOs called ‘Blue Avian.’ Here’s what he wrote:

“I’ve never heard of Blue Avian, by the way. However, it would be no surprise to me, since lately it’s my belief that the Air Force has been testing the follow-up to the Black Bird program for the past year or so. I once saw a craft moving at about 250 feet above ground and 3,000 MPH.”

I wondered if that was a typo and wrote back, “3,000 MPH?”

Joe responded: “The thing shook my truck like it was a toy. I caught an image of it from my left eye and then jerked my head to the right to see what it was. It was gone in two seconds over the mountains to my right which were fourteen miles away. All figured, it did around sixteen miles in three seconds with absolutely no sound at all. The butt end of it was glowing red, but it had no engines.”

“No sound, no engine. Are you sure it wasn’t a UFO?”

“I don’t know. Frankly, it could have been either. I know we’ve been able to defeat some of the sound problems with nape of the Earth flight, but at the speed it went by, I’d have to almost assume a separate or singular state of time/space separate from what we enjoy. Hmmmm. Just don’t know.”

Me neither. It seems like both exists…UFOs and secret military crafts, and the two could be connected.





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  1. Nancy says:

    I rarely remember my dreams, but the other night I had a very clear dream of a huge spacecraft appearing above me. My feeling from the dream was that it was not a good thing, at least not for that specific aircraft. I wonder if we are getting close to disclosure because the PTB cannot keep it secret any longer. Maybe battle lines are being drawn, or an awakening on a mass scale. Whatever it is – it seems like we are being drip-fed information that makes the mainstream understanding of the Universe nothing short of obsolete.

  2. Laurence Zankowski says:

    When Joe speaks /writes, one must understand that he has to couch his words, but he is so willing to point out a direction one should explore. To see him and Skip work together again would be an experience not easily forgotten.

    It seems that our abilities to percieve needs to be strengthened now. Remote viewing is an aspect or a tool that needs to exercised to be a noble (in Paulo Coehlo’s term ) Warrior of the light. Would love to see an open dialog between you Skip / Joe and Tom Campbell.

    Be well

  3. Interesting. I also made the image much larger, there is definitely another ‘light’ between the top two. The lower light appears to be by itself. Not that any of that proves or disproves anything !

  4. karen algrim says:

    My neighbor and I were once standing out front of my house taking note of the chemtrail grid lines the geoengineering jets were marking our skies with. The grids that go on for miles and miles like a tic tac toe board in the sky. And just above the lines was a small round disk bobbing and weaving into one of the lines. Ed and I both noticed it and when we did… it seemed to try to hide itself in the line cloud. My first thought was UFO….and it seemed to be doing something with the lines of chemspray in the sky….my intuition thought it might be taking samples of chemicals spewing out of the jets above…simply because of the way it was moving around the line. The disk moved like nothing I’ve ever seen before, and it definitely was way to high for it to be a drone. Military is said to be responsible for the chemspraying so maybe the disk was military? But then maybe not….my first gut reaction was that is was a UFO and not of this world when I saw it.

  5. c.j. cannon says:

    P.S. Based solely on my son’s and my experience in 1981 on the Warner Robins AFB in Georgia, surrounded by American military men in fatigues with weapons and Grays loitering around us on the tarmac, with helicopters AND discs hovering above us, I simply cannot deny a connection between the military and at least SOME of the UFO phenomena. This continues to beg the question from me: who is in control?? Are the ‘visitors’ controlling the military, or vice-versa, or are they working in tandem with each other. Scary, regardless.

  6. c.j. cannon says:

    Enhancement of the object shows there is a very tiny round ‘whatever’ in the middle of the two that are parallel, and also there appears to be an extremely, almost invisible thin ‘line’ of some sort connecting each round dot to the other, making the array seem to be one as opposed to three, or four, separate objects. There are a lot of UFO sightings that have a similar appearance. Earth-origin or off-of-earth origin? Goodness. We have the Stealth, which has this shape, but there are also many persons, legitimately, who have witnessed UFOs of this shape that cannot be explained as being from this planet or dimension. A conundrum, for sure. There are discs, triangles, octagons, boomerangs, cigar-shaped….and added to these, as if they weren’t enough to confuse, we now have all kinds of ‘drones’. Who knows what else could be out there!

  7. Gina says:

    An interesting string of synchronicities. UFOs and military craft probably ARE connected.

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