Memorial for Kathy Doore


On the evening of April 8, we met Lynn and Bruce Gernan and ten or twelve other people for a memorial service for our friend, author and intrepid explorer Kathy Doore.

The service took place on a catamaran that Lynn’s sister, Holly, owns. Kathy wanted her ashes scattered at sea, so that was the point of the boat. Also, Kathy was a sailor who spent a lot of time on Lake Michigan, where she had some strange other worldly encounters, and it seemed fitting that she should have a memorial at sea.

The catamaran is docked at the Boca Raton Hotel & Resort, a landmark in Boca. The pink tower in the photo has existed since 1926 and was designed by architect Addison Mizner, whose signature buildings – or copies of them – can be seen all over Boca Raton.


Lynn put together a beautiful memorial pamphlet that she entitled Celebration of Life. It included photos of Kathy, some biographical material about her and her love affair with Peru, and Markawasi, and a piece I’d written about her. The weather was beautiful and as we headed out to sea, I remembered something I’d said to Bruce the other day when I ran into him at the gym – that Kathy might put in an appearance. It would be right up her alley to do something like that – as an orb or something else that was unusual.

When we were maybe a mile or two out, Rob and Bruce told me to come topside to see something. It was an unusual cloud formation in the shape of a V, against a sky so blue it made your heart ache. It was as if it was pointing the way to the place where Kathy’s ashes would be scattered. Or, as Lynn said, Kathy left us a farewell message. Lynn later enlarged the photo and said that it appears there’s a white orb in the bottom left-hand corner of that cloud formation in the middle of the V.


Kathy’s closest friend, Marcia, came from San Diego for the memorial. She last saw Kathy when they spent a week together at Chichen Itza in Mexico. Before the ashes were scattered at sea, Marcia pressed her hands against the beautiful biodegradable box Lynn had bought for Kathy’s ashes. It moved me, seeing this close friend of hers speaking to her in the moments before.


Rob also placed his hands on the box and uttered a tribute to Kathy that he uses at the end of his yoga/meditation classes. “May the long time sun shine within you, all love surround you, and the pure light within you guide your way home.”

Then the first mate took the box, removed the top, and began scattering her ashes. It was an unbearably sad moment, close to sunset, the close of the day.


And yet there was a poignancy and triumph as well. Kathy Doore left her mark and was ready to go. She’d completed what she came here to do.

My tribute to Kathy:

Lady of the lake, lady of the stones,

Your nomadic spirit forever searched

For the essential myths, the very bones

of the mystery of human experience.


You listened for the pulse, the heartbeat,

In every world you explored,

Fog, mountain, time, space, every feat

Etched against skies where you soared


Lady of the lake, lady of the stones,

We will remember you for

Wisdom you imparted and loaned,

All those strange, invisible doors

You flung open for the rest of us

Proving we’re more than dust to dust


You and Markawasi, joined at the hip,

Endure as enigmas of what might be

Of what we might discover and see

Cruising the sunset on this final trip.


Lady of the lake, lady of the stones,

You left much too soon

For the far side of the moon,

So we’re asking that you please phone home!


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9 Responses to Memorial for Kathy Doore

  1. Thanks for sharing this tribute. I just attended a Celebration of Life on 4/4/15, it was for the son of our closest friends and neighbors. He was only 25 and attended school with my youngest but he was living his passion when the accident happened. Attending the service in his honor I was amazed to learn so much more about him even though I’ve known him for over 17 years.

  2. lauren raine says:

    What a beautiful memorial for your friend……..thank you. I was not aware of this ancient site, and your post also has me fascinated with it as well. I’m sorry that she has left this world.

  3. natalie Thomas says:

    That was beautiful, Trish.
    My feeling is that Kathy will make contact in due course, and it will be in a really clever or unusual way , or through inspired writings. It feels to me she has some other things to do first, so let it go for about 6 months our time. I see her throwing her head back and laughing.

  4. DJan says:

    I have heard those words Rob uses at the end of his sessions many times before, and they never fail to move me. What a wonderful way for a special person to be honored and sent on to the next level. I too hope she “phones home” and that you write about it! 🙂

  5. karen says:

    So sorry for the loss of your friend. Your words are beautiful. The two lines in the sky photo…not so much. Those are chemtrails and most people have no clue to what they’re in the sky for in the first place. Some think of them as benevolent service from our government to stop global warming…others have more scientific ideas that lead to other conclusions like commodities manipulation (Monsanto creating an aluminum resistant seed)…but most recently I listened to a radio show speaking of the use of chemtrails as spiritual warfare….something in the aluminum and strontium dropped in those lines calcifying our pineal glands so we have difficulty achieving higher consciousness. It has been seen by many that the lines form X’s and others that form A’s as symbols of the occult or darker energies. And that these lines appear over spaces on the planet where high levels of energy (portals/votexs) or human light consciousness appears and is used to dim that light/energy….my first thought when I saw the V on your photo was the capture of the lovely spirit of the woman you were saying goodbye to. I have seen these lines above my own home and one day I say what appeared to be an orb or what I thought was a UFO appear to fly right into the line cloud formation. I have no idea what the real purpose of it all is but I’m just giving you the feeling or sensation I felt when I saw that photo. Most of my friends and strangers that I point out the geoengineering lines to have been unable to comprehend that they are anything but jet trails….but this weekend I listened in to a panel of scientists, doctors, and pilots that assured the Shasta county city council that it was enough evidence to vote that the lines needed to stop above Shasta county airspace. Santa Cruz has also put a stop to lines drawn above their county as well. Something is definitely happening out there . On days that there is spraying it has been noted that people are grumpier, in a daze, and depressed…..who knows??? Like I said…when I saw that photo today here I instantly got the feeling of capture. I pray not…..and in saying everything I have here I’m sure most will just think me some kind of crack pot…..which brings me to the reason I so seldom comment today. Hope you are all well….and again sorry for your loss my friends.

    • Rob and Trish says:

      I thought they might be chem trails, too. But there wasn’t a plane anywhere i the sky when we left the dock and throughout the boat ride. Interesting theory, though, about the nature of chemtrails as spiritual warfare…It woulnd’t surprise me.

      Always nice to hear from you, Karen! And if you’re a crackpot, then we all are!!

  6. A lovely tribute and have copied Rob’s words he uses at the end of his meditation classes.