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UPDATE ON ANNE’S CONDITION: This newest entry from Whitley is powerful.

There are people you never meet, but for whom you feel deep affection because of the tremendous impact they have had on your life. Whitley and Anne Strieber are two such individuals for me.

In 1987, Rob and I walked into a B Dalton bookstore (which no longer exists) in the Fort Lauderdale mall, and saw Communion on the new release table. That image of a Gray, that face, is permanently etched into my consciousness. We bought it, our worldview blew wide open, and we’ve been following Strieber’s career and insights ever since. No one writes like he does about the contact experience. Few writers have his grasp of language and nuance.

When our first synchronicity book was released, he invited us on to his Dreamland radio show and we’ve been back half a dozen times over the years. Sometimes he interviewed us, other times Anne did. These shows were always highlights for us, like chatting with old friends. During our interviews with Anne, she invariably brought her particular take on aliens, abductions, and the nature of reality.

When my novel Esperanza was bought by TOR, who has published many of Strieber’s books, my editor at the time sent him the manuscript and he gave the book a wonderful blurb. That editor also bought a mystery Anne had written. He and Anne are incredibly generous souls who have pursued and explored a strange and often difficult path.

This afternoon, our friend, Sandy, who was on one of the Dreamland shows with us, wrote that Anne, who has had brain cancer for several years now, is in ER and seriously ill. Both Whitley and Anne have written movingly of their journey through her first bout with brain cancer in their beautiful book, Miraculous Journey.  Both of them have also written journal entries on their website,  about her current bout during the last several years. One of the most moving was a piece Anne wrote on November 2, 2014. Anne’s wit and courage truly shine in this piece. Another piece that Whitley wrote in 2013 brought me to tears.

Only once before have we written a post like this requesting healing energy for a friend and that was for our blogging buddy Mike Perry, when he underwent surgery for the removal of a kidney. And he came through it just fine! There’s great power in collective thought and prayer. Please send Anne and Whitley Strieber your healing energy, prayers, thoughts, whatever you do in times like this.

Our candle is lit.


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21 Responses to Anne & Whitley Strieber

  1. Debra Page says:

    I will do Tara chants for Anne.
    Commenting on the post above: anyone who has lived through these encounters has a difficult time. Living in two worlds is never easy.
    Finding language to express it (“with language and nuance”) is a gift, and a responsibility. Best wishes to them both.

  2. Darren B says:

    I love what is expressed by Whitley’s words in his essay about Anne when he says,
    “If she is approaching the end of her time with me and with us, then a great soul is ascending, and that is a matter for awe, respect and gratitude.”
    I know Anne will be at Whitley’s side for the rest of his earthly life whether in physical
    form or otherwise.
    My thoughts and wishes are with you both in this stressful time Whitley and Anne and I wish I could see the pattern of ripples on the worldly pond of the lives you both have touched through your work over the years.
    I bet that would be a pattern as amazing as the Milky Way looks on a clear night from earth.

  3. blah blah says:

    ‘swhat’s new… Mac and Trish… how’s the beautiful daughter… more dolphins to canvass???

  4. Thank all of you so much from both of us. Pray for recovery but also for courage in transition.

  5. Erica Tuinstra says:

    I pray for Anne and I lit two candles, one for Whitley as well. I believe in the Power of Prayer and that Life Goes On.

  6. lauren raine says:

    A candle is lit here as well.

  7. C.J. Cannon says:

    My heart aches for them both. Candle burning brightly on my altar, with deepest prayers and gratitude for all that they’ve both given to the world through the years.
    May the powerful love, strength and courage they share carry them through this unthinkable challenge. Blessed be, Anne and Whitley and all your family.

  8. Sheila Joshi says:

    Sending prayers…..

  9. Will do, most definitely. I believe in the power of combined thoughts and/or prayer.

  10. I’m here with you.

  11. DJan says:

    You have my energy as well, going out to them with prayers, too.

  12. Jane says:

    Blessings & Miracles to your dear friend Anne

  13. Melissa says:

    Sending those good vibes.

  14. karen says:

    Most definitely will do.

  15. natalie Thomas says:

    I’m all over it. xx

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