Tuning in?

 Our dog park is across the street from the Aero Club, a suburban community where many houses have hangars and the private airstrip is now paved. The flight path to that runway brings many types of planes directly over the dog park.

On February 17, when Rob and I were at the park, an experimental plane – like the one depicted above –  came in very low over the park and dog owners peered upward or ducked. Yeah, ducked. It was that close. Rob said to some people nearby, “Did you hear about the plane that crashed here?”

What?” I asked. “When?”

“Oh, you know, that plane that crashed four or five years ago. But it’s going to happen again.”

Two people had died in that crash, a man and a woman who had left behind two small children. But I was struck that Rob initially referred to it in a way that led me to believe there had been a recent crash.                

The next  morning, the 18th, I dreamed that the Palm Beech International Airport had changed its flight paths so that planes now came directly over our house. In the dream, I saw a twin engine plane plane  lying perilously low and headed straight for our house. I could hear its noisy engines and thought, My God it may hit us.

It didn’t, though, and I woke up and walked out into the kitchen, eager for coffee and food. Rob eventually joined me and I told him about my dream. Then forgot it.

At nearly one this afternoon, Rob and I were waiting for a call from Whitley Streiber. We were going to be doing an interview with him about The Synchronicity Highway.  Our windows were open, the air here has been cool, and I heard this shrieking chorus of police alarms and commented on it to Rob.

Then we did our interview and I forgot about it until I received a text message from a Karin, a woman I know from the dog park. She asked if I’d heard about the plane that had crashed across the street from the dog park. The pilot, she said, was killed. It was the experimental plane that had flown in so low the other day. The pilot flew for American Airlines and was a friend of our neighbor, who is also a pilot for American.


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14 Responses to Tuning in?

  1. Darren B says:

    Here is a plane crash / white feather synch I just saw on the news,which all ended well accept for the bird.
    ““I fully expected to find the rest of the bird when I landed,” he said. “All I found were my glasses.” The only part recovered was the bird’s leg and some feathers, which will be used to identify what type of bird hit the plane, he said.”

  2. Precognitive? Must be. I bet the people who Rob talked to are telling others about the guy who said it would happen. Sad though, that someone had to lose a life.

  3. DJan says:

    That was definitely precognition! Your dream told the tale before it happened, another affirmation that our lives are not lived linearly.

  4. Darren B says:

    Very weird indeed.
    I just found this story about the crash,pitched from an “Angel”‘s point of veiw – “Saltalamacchia didn’t know McGarity personally, but he remembers shooting video of him taking off from the paved runway shortly after the family moved in last September. Sean Burnett, who pitches for the Angels, lives in the same community across the street from the McGarity home.”

  5. Momwithwings says:

    Going by my own experiences, the fact that Rob mentioned it and then you had that dream I would have definitely been watching the skies and may have even avoided the dog park for a few days.
    Somehow you both were picking up on an event and when 2 in the family “get” something we Always pay close attention!
    Sorry the pilot died.

    • Rob and Trish says:

      We didn’t make the connection until we heard about the crash! We weren’t paying attention to the clues.

  6. I don’t know if the word precognitive is the right word but for sure your psyche transcended time and saw this. In my experience with dreams that happen in the future, sometimes several years in the future if the event is life transforming, I am sure my psyche travels outside of time. I don’t feel it is a coincidence or a synchronicity. It’s just a fact. I know there are so many people who do not believe this but probably they don’t have those experiences so they can’t believe that they happen. Dream exploration is still in the kindergarten stages of development – is my view of it.