Filming Synchronicity

We’ve seen a few documentaries about synchronicity over the years and our overall impression is that it’s a difficult subject to put on film. Is it possible to capture a synchronicity on film as if takes place? Maybe. But it’s nothing a producer or director could plan. That’s because the very act of doing so would be cause and effect, not synchronicity.

Yet, no doubt synchronicities happen in the process of putting together a documentary on synchronicity – or any subject, for that matter. I have yet to see one happen on film, but I can imagine how it might go.

Someone is being interviewed in an outdoor setting, the camera is rolling–the digitals are digiting–when someone not involved stumbles into the scene – a passerby who pauses to see what’s going on. It turns out that the person being interviewed is an old friend who has been out of contact for months, maybe years. Not only that, but the interviewee is telling a story about a strange incident from years ago that involves you and synchronicity. And , WOW, this is synchronicity happening right now.

That scenario reminds me a bit of the famous plum pudding synchronicity described by French writer Emile Deschamps in a biographer published in 1805.

With all that in mind, here’s a link to a teaser for a documentary on synchronicity that is currently a work in progress. The producer contacted us recently, said she enjoyed our synchro books and the blog, and wants to interview us for this documentary. Take a look


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10 Responses to Filming Synchronicity

  1. gypsy says:

    fantastic news of this upcoming documentary – it’s way more than time – and really, who better than you all to participate! great!

    and it can’t be said too often that the key is in the recognition of the synchronicities – in allowing ourSELF to be open to receiving and to acknowledging – the thing about artists – creative spirits in general – is just that – they seem to be more open to every thing – hence, their creative abilities –

    great post, as usual –

  2. mathaddict2233 says:

    Yes…..on occasion Synchronicity can appear as the dark trickster, and if we’re alert to such meaningful insights, we can avoid or be prepared for whatever pitfalls that await if we aren’t paying attention! Synchros come in so many forms and surround us with messages, always, I think, for our best and highest good, even when they appear in the form of The Trickster! Great post, guys.

  3. Like that suggestion at the end of the video: ‘Maybe that’s the confirmation we are on the right track’

    • Rob and Trish says:

      The catch is that synchronicity can also serve as a warning that we might be considering the WRONG path. Tricky.

  4. Nancy says:

    I can’t think of two people better to interview on this subject.

  5. That’s interesting to me that he said that artists seem to be more aware of synchronicity events.That could be a book in itself. It may have to do with a gestalt way of thinking/perceiving rather than linear. Think of the Chinese written language – pictures rather than linear letters = their entire philosophy (Think I Ching ) is not based on cause and effect so much as the significance of any given moment.

    • Rob and Trish says:

      Exactly! The I Ching, like ll divination systems, is synchronicity in action.

    • Not only artists, but people who think like artists (probably telented above average in at least one art). I have always been more into storytelling than any other form of artistic creativity and actually knew the meaning of the word “synchronicity” the first time I read it (at the source from Jung).

  6. Darren B says:

    That documentary looks interesting.
    I’ll have to check it out when it is released.