A Different Take on #137

In 7 Secrets of Synchronicity, we mentioned number 137.  It came up again during Trish’s interview with Anne Strieber and a listener wrote to her about his synchronicity with the number. A little background first:

A prime number can be divided only by 1 and by itself. Or, put another way, a prime number is a positive integer that can’t equal the product of two smaller numbers. That makes 137 a prime number and a particularly baffling one. In Deciphering the Cosmic Number: The Strange Friendship of Wolfgang Pauli and Carl Jung, Arthur I. Miller refers to this number as the “DNA of light.”

The number is also associated with the Kabbalah. Miller explains that in ancient Hebrew, numbers were written with letters and each letter had a number associated with it. “Adepts of the philosophical system known as the Gematria add the numbers in Hebrew words and thus find hidden meanings in them,” Miller wrote. In Hebrew, the word Kabbalah has four letters that add up to 137. Not surprisingly, physicists began referring to 137 as a mystical number. Wolfgang Pauli, a Nobel laureate and one of the early supports of Jung’s theories about synchronicity, wrestled with the  implications of 137 for most of his life. When he was admitted to the hospital at age 58 and learned he would be in room 137, he supposedly said, “I will never get out of here.” He was right. He died shortly afterward.

Physicist F. David Peat had his own experience with 137 when he visited the Jung Institute in Bollingen, Switzerland. In an email to us, he explained he was invited to give a lecture to celebrate the institute’s fiftieth year. Upon arrival at the hotel next to the institute, he was given a key and told his room was on the second floor of the annex.  He walked down to the lake first to “get something of the spirit of Jung.” But after half an hour, nothing happened, so Peat decided to return to the hotel. “I took the elevator to the second floor, removed the key from my pocket and it was 137! I realized I was there to talk about Pauli, not Jung.”

So, during Trish’s interview with Anne, they talked about this mysterious number. The next day, Walter Hughes of California clicked on the interview and left the room for a couple of minutes.  “When I returned, I heard them discussing the quantum, mysterious number of time; 137.  My birth date is 7/1/37! The synchronicity was embedded in my very listening to the program!  The mystery is so eternal; so wonderful.”

Where 137 for Pauli was an archetype of death, for Walter Hughes it’s an archetype of life, mystery, and synchronicity.


Thanks, Walter, for letting us use your synchro!

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  1. I’ve been off the grid for several months due to one family crisis after another, and wasn’t aware your blog had been hijacked and moved, so I’m thrilled to have found you again! I, too, hadn’t heard of 137 as a mystical number, which tells you I haven’t read your book yet. Now that Life has finally returned to some semblance of normal, it’ll be at the top of my must-read list.

    • rob and trish says:

      Hi Jama – great to see you again! Hope your family stuff has calmed down. Will be stopping by your place today!

  2. friend of nica says:

    love the whole thing of numbers – especially these as they are the house number where i’ve been living for several years – never tire of hearing such stories!

  3. Nancy Pickard says:

    Thank you! I just downloaded Deciphering the Cosmic Number onto my Kindle app. I’d never heard of it before, and now I’m excited to get to read it. T & R, I’d never heard of any importance attached to 137 before you mentioned it, either.

    • rob and trish says:

      We wrote about it in 7 Secrets, Nance. There’s an extension of that section we didn’t include here (but it’s in the book) about F. David Peat’s experience with 137 at the Jung Institute. Thanks for dropping by!

  4. Debra says:

    The past three days, I have been digging through material on Jung & Pauli. I have the book Deciphering the Cosmic Code beside me here.


    Love it!

  6. rosaria says:

    So glad to see you back.
    A week or two after your event, my blog was hijacked too.
    Such a painful event.
    Love and good vibes to you.

    • rob and trish says:

      Sorry to hear this, Rosaria. I don’t wish that on anyone! But glad you’re back, too!

  7. There always seem to be opposites in everything: life and death, though opposites, perhaps very similar at the far reaches.

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