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We recently wrote about Touch and the repetitions of 318. Gabe, our friend at teapots happen,  noted that 316 played a big role in the Denver Broncos win over the Pittsburgh Steelers Jan. 9 in an NFL playoff game. If … Continue reading

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An upside down synchro

  This synchro appeared as a comment by Jeff D’Antonio,   under a post about the nature of consciousness.   In case anyone missed it, we’re bringing it forward. It’s simple and to the point and may have an element of the … Continue reading

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More 11s

M.C. Escher woodcut We’ve done quite a few posts on the synchronicity of numbers, particularly on 11, 111, and 11:11. I don’t know what it is about these numbers, but sometimes when I’m writing about them, they appear in my … Continue reading

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Babies and their Birth Dates

Judi Hertling alerted us to this story. By synchronicity standards, a Michigan couple have three unusual kids. Their first child, a girl, carried to full term, was born on 8/8/08. Baby 2, a son, was unplanned. The doctors induced mom … Continue reading

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The Magic of 108

September is Yoga Month and later this month, on the fall equinox, yogis around the world with celebrate by doing 108 sun salutations. Known in Sanskrit as surya namaskar, the sun salutation is an energetic flowing series of yoga postures. … Continue reading

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soul cards   Thanks to Jim Banzholder for alerting us to this one. Talk about synchros with numbers! This infant seems to know a thing or two already! Poker, anyone? Take a look. 

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Numbers in the Sky

 This story, about synchronistic clusters of numbers, was sent to us in an email by Stephanie.We’ve seen words written in the sky by a skywriting plane, but numbers? This one is the first we’ve heard of.+++ Hello Trish and Rob, … Continue reading

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#26 and Palindromes

 This painting by Paul Klee expresses (to me, anyway) the confusion we sometimes feel when certain numbers recur and we aren’t sure what they mean. Number clusters, as we’re written before, are archetypal in that numbers have meaning and when … Continue reading

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The 27 Club, #137, #23, Writers and Hollywood

Most of us know who these two guys are right? Jeff Bridges and Robert Duval. It’s a scene from Crazy Heart, for which Bridges won a well-deserved Oscar. There’s a scene in the movie where we see the door of … Continue reading

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UPDATE on 11s, from a numerologist

 from Soul Cards As we discussed in a post on April 22, Jung considered numbers to be archetypes. He theorized that when clusters of numbers kept appearing in a person’s life, it meant the archetype of that number had become … Continue reading

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The 3040 Synchronicity

 Soul Cards  Clusters of numbers, names, words, phrases, songs, objects, and events are one of the most curious aspects of synchronicity. When it happens, noted author Frank Joseph, you invariably feel “that something important, perhaps even divine, is trying to … Continue reading

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The Power of 10

Painting by Nicole  Cutt The Goddess of Fire Night Magic  This next synchronicity came to our attention through our Google alert for the word synchronicity. Nicole Cutt is an artist, writer, and clinical psychologist who also leads vision quests. This synchronicity … Continue reading

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33 again

We’ve written a couple of times about synchronicities with the number 33. It’s time for another, this one courtesy of Dan Brown and The Lost Symbol. The novel deals with the Masonic philosophy, and for the Masons, the #33 is … Continue reading

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