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They’re watching…or are they?

After our first night in our ‘urban chic’ studio apartment in downtown Toronto, we were ready for a leisurely breakfast. Trish had gone over her notes about Wolfgang Pauli and the Pauli effect at least a hundred times it seemed … Continue reading

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137, Pauli, and Toronto

Over the weekend, we went to Toronto to be interviewed for William Shatner’s show,   Weird or What?  We were supposed to talk about Wolfgang Pauli, the theoretical physicist who won a Nobel in 1945  for his exclusion principle and also … Continue reading

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FlashForward and 137

We posted a story about the #137 on February 21, when our blog was just two weeks old. We’re summarizing it here as context for what follows. To recap: Wolfgang Pauli, a physicist and Nobel laureate, was an early supporter … Continue reading

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