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UFOs Over Jupiter?

   This evening, we met our friend Rob Lockhart and his girlfriend, Christine, for dinner at a restaurant in the town of Jupiter, which is about forty minutes north of us. I’ve always liked this town, particularly because it’s named … Continue reading

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The Hidden Hand – the trailer

The trailer for this documentary, which was released on September 1, is intriguing. The film is about the government coverup of UFOs, abductions, and all the rest of it.

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Disclosure Redux

The issue of disclosure of UFO secrets is a hot topic among the UFO/exo-political enthusiasts and researchers. There’s Disclosure Day coming up in July and also a Disclosure Hearing set for the same month at the National Press Club in … Continue reading

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Jenny’s High Strangeness

One of the individuals who contacted us after our appearance on Coast to Coast is a 36-year-old therapist and mother of three who lives in Florida. Like many people who experience encounters,  she’s doesn’t want to jeopardize her family or … Continue reading

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Into the Fringe… a Podcast with TJ Ryan…and Darkness Radio

First, the important stuff: Happy Valentine’s Day! We’ve included three things in this post; we couldn’t figure out how else to do it. We hope you’ll join us tonight when we appear on Darkness Radio from 11 PM-1 AM Eastern … Continue reading

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Triangles Over Michigan

This video is fascinating. Lights in the shapes of triangles have been spotted all over the Detroit area. One observer said he was able to see a black triangular-shaped object within the lights. A local Fox channel reported on it … Continue reading

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Carry on, Jim Moseley

One evening in February of 2011, we stood outside Abbondanza, an Italian restaurant on Simonton Street in Key West and watched a tall, elderly man amble slowly across the street. We hadn’t seen Jim Moseley in more than 20 years, … Continue reading

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Bermuda Triangle synchro   Without a doubt, one of the most popular subject matters for cable channel mystery shows is the Bermuda Triangle. New shows are created every year and old ones are repeated regularly on the History Channel, Learning Channel,  National … Continue reading

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Joke, Hoax, or Something Else?

I came across this bit of video on Whitley Strieber’s site, then clicked around, looking for other sources for the story. According to an AP site, Russia’s Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev was giving a TV interview on Friday and “joked … Continue reading

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Google and UFOs

Google street views have captured unusual objects before. But this one interested the local news people in Jacksonville, Texas.        

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High Strangeness

High strangeness: any event or experience related to UFOs that is above and beyond the usual strangeness associated with the phenomenon. It is frequently associated with synchronicity. Since July, we’ve been getting some of our out of print books into … Continue reading

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Quebec, P.S…Spying on the Spies

One of the advantages of the blogging is that there are several means of observing who is coming onto your blog. One in particular, Statcounter, is free and pulls up quite a bit of info on who’s coming on, where … Continue reading

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The Quebec UFO encounter – part 2

Photo/illustration copyright by Jean Lavergne This is part 2 of the Quebec encounter.  We received comments, e-mails and Facebook messages telling us not to wait with the story, so we decided to put it up today. Now we get right into … Continue reading

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