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At the Moment Of

We recently posted a story about Oscar the Cat, who lives in a nursing home in Rhode Island and seems to know which patients are about to die. Mike Perry   commented that his mother had spent her last years in … Continue reading

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Dad Speaks

Mike Perry posted this story  on his synchronicity blog and kindly allowed us to repost it. It’s another instance of  how our emotions and synchronicities are intimately connected.  His blog features terrific stories and  theories about synchronicity.+++ This is about … Continue reading

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‘My Best Synchronicity Ever’

Gary Bobroff started off the year opening up a synchronicity site on Facebook called Best Synchronicity Ever! So I asked Gary for his own best, and here it is. It’s a good one. You can visit his site and contribute … Continue reading

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Undying love

When this story arrived in our e-mail box, we were struck not only by the emotional power of the story, but the immediacy. Rather than a dramatic, heart-wrenching tale from her past, it is very recent. We contacted the writer, … Continue reading

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Hawaii 808

Here’s a synchronicity we received from Blayne, who lives in the state of Washington, but would like to live at least part-time in Hawaii.*** I live about 15 miles from work. Its a beautiful drive, part of it next to … Continue reading

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Mom’s Help

This story comes from writer Sharlie West, one of several that she sent. It illustrates the emotional component of synchronicities, particularly when we’re faced with major transitions and upheavals. In the fall of 1990 my mother had a stroke and … Continue reading

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Inner Turmoil

Another one from Joyce Evans, and quite dramatic. I always hated knives because I’ve seen too much blood shed from them: a childhood flashback of my mother accidentally cutting my father, and of my brother’s many near-fatal knife attacks. One … Continue reading

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This story comes from author Roy McConnell. The synchronicity is that Roy, a teenage thief at the time, was inadvertently turned away from this lifestyle by another thief. “I was fifteen years old and living as a street person in … Continue reading

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