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The Mystical Underground: Indiana Jones And The Synchronicity Matrix

A new episode of The Mystical Underground is live! “Indiana Jones And The Synchronicity Matrix”: Dr. Bernard Beitman is the first psychiatrist since Carl Jung to attempt to systematize the study of coincidences. He is a visiting Professor at the … Continue reading

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The Blanket and the Lama

This story was posted on Debra Page’s mythic musing blog and I liked it so much I asked her if we could repost it. We’ve posted several of her synchros – Reindeer Woman and Laryssa are the ones that come … Continue reading

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On the path, in the flow….

Rittenhouse Square, Philadelphia We received an e-mail from a young man named Jonny Long that caught our attention. Interestingly, Jonny had never heard the word synchronicity until recently, yet his life was enmeshed in it. So when he discovered our … Continue reading

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The Luck Factor

After reading the story of the church choir members who were all late for practice the day the church blew up, you certainly could call those people lucky. So what’s the difference between luck and synchronicity? In essence, luck is … Continue reading

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Bucket Brigade

This one was sent in by Robert Perry, an author and head of an organization…well, he explains it in the story. The synchronistic elements involve precognition. I am the head of a small nonprofit organization called the Circle of Atonement. … Continue reading

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