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Scooter’s 5 Fox Synchro Clusters

 Cluster synchronicities can occur with just about anything – names, objects, words, symbols, music, animals – and are invariably intriguing. Then tend to cover a period of several hours or days and often repeat until we get the message. Our … Continue reading

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Nika & Noah, a Continuing Love Story

 Nearly two years ago, our daughter asked us if she could have a dog and we began our search at local animal rescue centers. Megan eventually adopted Nika when she was about eight weeks old and Noah, our golden retriever, … Continue reading

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Henri, the Existential Cat

He’s back! I have been wondering about Henri, perhaps because he so resembles our tuxedo cat, Whiskers, who passed in 2006, and Daz’s tuxedo cat, Sylvester, whose death launched his synchronistic quest.  It appears that Henri has come to the … Continue reading

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The Orangutan and the Pooch

Our friend Judi Hertling sent us this sequence of photos and the story. It’s one of those stories that illustrates how animals of different species find love and support and friendship with each other. Now: if only we humans of … Continue reading

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Animals as Creative Motifs

In both of our books on synchronicity, we’ve written about the connection between animals and synchronicity. In 7 Secrets, the focus was on animals as messengers that relay particular information about our personal lives or our global situation. In Synchronicity … Continue reading

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Mishka, the Talking Dog?

Thanks to Nancy Pickard for alerting us to this one.

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The Dog and the Dolphin

Even though this video has been on you tube for about a year, I first saw it on maggie’s secret garden a few days ago. There’s just something incredibly moving about friendships that develop between species.

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A Life-Changing Dolphin Synchro

          Dolphins at Dolphins Plus, Key Largo, Florida I’ve never met anyone who doesn’t love dolphins. In fact, if I met such a person, I would probably run fast in the opposite direction. Over the years, we’ve had experiences with … Continue reading

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The Cat That Traveled 1300 Miles

We’ve posted quite a few synchronicities about animals. I’m not so sure this one is a synchro, but it’s a story with a happy ending, something we need more of these days! Charles the cat had his own incredible journey … Continue reading

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The Duck and the Boy

We were searching for a Valentine’s Day synchronicity, but ended up running across this heart-warming story and decided to post it today. Love of a different kind! This story has appeared in numerous spots on the Internet. It’s an example … Continue reading

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Sea Lions on Pier 39

  If you’ve ever been to San Francisco, then you undoubtedly stopped by Pier 39 to see the sea lions. When we were there several years ago, there were so many they were stacked three and four deep on the … Continue reading

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Wink in the Cosmos

Here are a couple of humorous trickster-type synchronicities that appeared in an article called, “A Wink from the Cosmos,” that was published in the May 1996 edition of Intuition Magazine. Earl was trying to track down an out-of-print book called … Continue reading

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Snow Leopard

Some companies go to great length to hype their new products, but the following must be synchronicity. Even Apple couldn’t arrange this scheme of events. August 28 was the official publication of Apple’s latest operating system, OS10.6, known better by … Continue reading

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