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  We’ve written about this love before. It’s specific, palpable, and in the aftermath of separation, the kind of thing that tugs at your heart, that whispers, Oh, please, not again. Megan and Nika were home for eight days over … Continue reading

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What Animals Teach Us

joy +++ Now that Obama has won the election, now that the Repugs are licking their wounds and are showing themselves to be very poor losers, we’ve got a new brand of politics at the dog park. At the park … Continue reading

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A Dog’s Purpose

In the years we have owned dogs, there have been countless times when I wondered what the dog was thinking and feeling or why he or she engaged in a particular behavior. Since we’ve always had cats with our dogs, … Continue reading

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Dog Days of Summer

In this picture are Noah, the Golden Retriever at the forefront, Cody, another Golden, and Cody, a Husky. The two Codys are Noah’s karmic buddies, the ones he wrestles with, chases, the three of them tearing around the dog park … Continue reading

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More Dog Park Politics

Ty, American Bulldog, and Noah, Golden Retriever, at dog park She wears stylish, expensive glasses. Her cheekbones are admirable. She’s skinny and actually treks around in three-inch heels that would murder my feet. She has five children, a husband who … Continue reading

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Mishka, the Talking Dog?

Thanks to Nancy Pickard for alerting us to this one.

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The Dog Park and Politics

Noah and Nameless, a standoff for the ball Sometimes, the boundary between my world and the general weirdness in the world blurs. Friends sends links, I click them, and suddenly find myself inside an article about a time vortex in … Continue reading

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Sagan, the dog

Sagan Here’s a touching tale about a sad-eyed dog and a synchronistic message contained in an Easter egg. The story was sent to us by Sagan’s former companion Sharon Graham. +++The first time I saw Sagan was in 1996 on Christmas … Continue reading

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A Dog Named Blue and Gold Rush

We love it when we receive an email with a synchronicity like this one. This story is from Sherry Meinberg and it’s about a dog named Blue (rather than a blue dog!) and a new reality show on the Discovery … Continue reading

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The Dog and the Dolphin

Even though this video has been on you tube for about a year, I first saw it on maggie’s secret garden a few days ago. There’s just something incredibly moving about friendships that develop between species.

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Animal Companions

Noah at the dog park  Today on Daily Grail, we ran across an interesting link about dogs trained to predict seizures in epileptics. It sounds like the kind of area that British biologist and author Rupert Sheldrake might be researching.Eddie … Continue reading

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God must be crazy

We were at the dog park when it happened. When you have something in common with people, in this case dogs, strangers are usually quite willing to strike up a conversation. We had walked over to a bench in a … Continue reading

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Another 6 Degrees of Separation

For the past few weeks, we’ve been taking Noah, our rambunctious Golden Retriever, to doggie training with a wonderful woman named Madison. The training is conducted at her home, usually with two other goldens. Today, it was just Noah and … Continue reading

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