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The Precognitive Chimes

In Synchronicity and the Other Side,  we talked about clocks that stop or batteries that die when a loved one passes. This story about an oak pendulum clock came from Connie – aka fortune 500  and the events ultimately proved … Continue reading

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The Green Bowl

This synchro comes from Gabe, who way back when we first started this blog, sent us one of the most powerful synchros we’ve ever read, The Magic Teapots. His teapot story was followed by another powerful synchro. And another. When … Continue reading

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When our Stories Come True

        Nancy Pickard wrote this piece for a writers’ blog, the lipstick chronicles. When I read it, I asked if we could repost it. It illustrates how creativity can tap into the future, how writers sometimes come … Continue reading

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Future visions from the past

Jules Verne described a moon landing that sounds eerily like the Apollo 11 mission.  Mark Twain predicted the Internet in 1898. Robert Heinlein predicted screen savers in 1961. We’re these writers time travelers? Probably not. Did they pick up psychic … Continue reading

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The Lost Checkbook

                                            Picasso                       This story comes from Gypsy and involves a missing checkbook, a precognitive dream, and  a curious ending! We’ve … Continue reading

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A vision that saved a life

As we’ve mentioned previously, we see precognition as an aspect of synchronicity because a thought or dream is linked with an event in the outer world without any involvement of cause and effect. For example, numerous people reported dreams and … Continue reading

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Does Something Wicked This Way Come?

Painting by Emil Nolde  (Thanks to Gypsy for the lead on this cool artist!) Precognition is one of the most intriguing aspects of psychic phenomena and of synchronicity.  In a nutshell, precognition is knowledge of an event before it occurs. … Continue reading

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Impulses and Precognition

  Just a couple of hours after the post below on the pre-cogs went up, Megan called with a disturbing precognition she had last night. At her college, January is the month when students are involved in independent study projects … Continue reading

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Jessie, The Golden

Jessie after Hurricane Wilma, wondering why the mailbox looks so, well, weird. When Megan was in third grade, her class invited parents to a Thanksgiving presentation about gratitude. Each student made something that expressed their gratitude for something in their … Continue reading

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Clinton’s eerie prediction

Frank Joseph in Synchronicity & You relates a synchronicity that happened to Bill Clinton. One day in 1995 he met with a handful of Democratic political figures and started talking about his commerce secretary, Ron Brown, extolling the man’s virtues … Continue reading

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John Lennon and the Psychic

On August 23, 1980, Lee Spiegel, who hosted an NBC radio show Unexplained Phenomena, was interviewing psychic Alex Tanous for a show that was to be broadcast later. The interview took place at the American Society for Psychical Research at … Continue reading

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Animals as Oracles of Global Events

On December 26, 2004, an undersea earthquake erupted in the Indian Ocean. The violent upheaval of the tectonic plates displaced an enormous amount of water and within a few hours, waves as high as a hundred feet radiated outward from … Continue reading

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Poe and the Cannibals

We thought we had posted this synchronicity, but apparently only put it in the book. It’s one of the most famous and involves everyone’s favorite weird guy, Edgar Allan Poe. It’s a great example of a synchronicity manifested through creativity.***In … Continue reading

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