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6 Challenges to Mainstream Science

Marcus Anthony, our Australian friend, futurist, psychologist, and prolific author has provided a list of beliefs that he has come to accept as truths. He has done so not only from research and reading, but primarily from deep exploration. In … Continue reading

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Tribe meets first white man

Here’s a very interesting video of a tribe in New Guinea upon first contact with the outer world. Notice the wonder and fear in their eyes and movements. It was filmed in 1966. Are there more such tribes still hidden? … Continue reading

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I found this on Nancy Atkinson’s blog.  It’s powerful. We need more of this kind of thinking in the 21st century. Change starts with just one person, but it’s sure great to see this kind of momentum.

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Synchro about synchros

Diane Athill One recent morning I pointed out an article to Trish that had come up on our Google alert for synchronicity . It began with a story of a novelist who had gotten an idea for a short story … Continue reading

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800 Statues & the Spear of Destiny

Here’s an interesting exchange (at least I thought so) related to history, synchronicity, the Spear of Destiny and.. Indiana Jones. It began with an e-mail from Peter Levenda, author of the Unholy Alliance, a book that deals with esoteric Hitlerism … Continue reading

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The Golden Scarab Synchro Contest

Trish and I were stopped at an intersection in the heat of the day, somewhere in the 90s, when she started fiddling with the air conditioning controls. “What’s wrong with the AC? It’s not working right,” she complained. At that … Continue reading

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The Ultimate Sweat Lodge Experience

A  survivor James Arthur Ray promised his sweat lodge experience would be transformational and he was right. In his last sweat lodge experience, three people died. What are we to make of this over-the-top New Age guru and his kind? … Continue reading

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Our book report…

Time for a little self-promotion. We’ve got new stuff coming out this summer and into the fall. Just yesterday, the paperback edition of Esperanza was released, and a box of books arrived at our door. Next week the paperback edition … Continue reading

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The Tree

I found this on Brizdaz’s blog and wow, is the trailer powerful. One more must see!

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This piece was written by Pulitzer-prize winning author and New York Times reporter Chris Hedges, and read by George Atherton. It’s powerful, chilling, but not without hope. Rather like The Key, in that sense. It addresses many of the concerns … Continue reading

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Hot Dog!

Fortunately, we were out of the country when the focus of the U.S. news turned to Anthony Weiner and his problems with his namesake appendage. No doubt he will be forced to resign from congress, even though many others have … Continue reading

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Happy B-Day, Mom!

As an author, Trish MacGregor has had many aliases over the years, Trish Janeshutz, T.J. MacGregor, Alison Drake, but her most famous alias, the one that only I can call her, is Mom. Growing up as an only child in … Continue reading

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Star of the Bards

Some interesting material here related to story-telling and mythology, courtesy of Kathy Pagano, a Jungian psychotherapist. It’s a good site to explore whenever you’ve hit a creative block. In fact, Kathy also refers to  herself as a creativity coach and … Continue reading

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